Build Notes 1.1.202 - March 4, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! This week we have the latest update to Volume You: Part 19, “Houses Reflect.” Decide the future of your house and daughter with the latest content in our long-running Volume You!

We also have The Spirited Wolf pack available as individual items, as well as adding The Horselords as a new deal and Queen of the North as a full pack! Purchase iconic items like Needle and Arya’s Wooden Sword as many times as you wish.

Lastly, we also have several bugs fixed with today’s build.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Volume You, Part 19 to the game! Decide the future of your house, your daughter, and your holdings in the newest installment of Volume You!
—Introduced The Spirited Wolf pack items for sale as individual pieces of gear!
—Increased the rarity modifier for the Dangerous prefix to Rare, from Uncommon.
—Created a new uncommon prefix, Threatening, which can be applied to armor and weapons and grants +5 to Battle.
—Several fixes related to PtP resolution failing. This was hotfixed into the Live game already, and are now officially integrated into the build.
—Fixed an issue where Back from the Dead had no first-place reward. The quest should now properly grant a Lannister Shield.
—Fixed an issue where Alliance leaders could not view all members. 10 members were being returned, but only 7 were visible. Now, 7 members are returned, which should allow all members to be viewed when paging through the member list.
—Removed the Children of the Forest bow recipe from the Godswood.
—Changed Alliance Challenges to now require Ice Phase spoils.
—Added conversion recipes in the Alchemist’s Guild to change Wolf Spoils to Ice Spoils.
—Removed Harvest to Ghost spoil conversion recipes from the Alchemist’s Guild.
—Removed Dead Weirwood from adventures.

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