Build Notes 1.1.203 - March 11, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly Content build! Today’s build has the newest part of Volume You, Maester’s Choice! Set Maester Lucas free to pursue his dreams of magic, and complete new quests around his newfound freedom! Today’s build also contains many bugfixes, as well as a newly-redesigned Boss Challenge screen.

For the last four months, our engineering team has been peeling back bugs related to stats. For this build, the game will check and correct your Sworn Sword’s stats when you send them out on an Adventure, Quest, AvA, or PtP action. This should update any Sworn Swords for players who still had bugged stats.

Boss Challenges now more clearly show both chat, damage, and the ability to add friends during the Boss Challenge. We have also added a feature to the web version of the game which was first present on the iOS version: the ability to refresh your Boss Challenge actions for two gold. Similar to how you can speed up production, quests, or adventures, you may speed up your Boss Challenges by refreshing your actions. This only applies to your Boss Challenges - you cannot refresh actions for Alliance Challenges or friend’s Boss Challenges.

Lastly, several annoying bugs have been squashed, including the bonus goal for Volume One, Chapter Three; the Shop not refreshing after items being purchased; Boss Challenge damage stats working correctly; and many more fixes! Please read the entire build notes for a full list.

PLEASE NOTE: These bugfixes could cause your Sworn Sword stats to actually decrease if he or she still had bugged stats from before all of our fixes! Several of the bugs caused percentages to be doubled, or count multiple times. If you had not updated your Sworn Swords, their stats may change. These fixes will make your Sworn Sword stats more accurate, but will not necessarily make them higher.

If you have questions about what your stats should be, several of our players have excellent stat calculators to help you look at your Character and Sworn Swords. You can view Orys Lothston’s Stats Calculator here, or check out some of our other resources on the Wiki.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Volume You, Part 19: Maester’s Choice to the game!
—Added the Master of Whisperers pack to the shop! This pack contains little birds and crafty spiders to help you move among the shadows. Pick up Varys’s Robes, or place a bag of diamonds into the right hands for interesting results.
—The Citadel pack is now available as individual items, and The Master of Coin pack is available as a full pack for the first time! Littlefinger in the shop at the same time as Varys? It’s a little council showdown!
—We have updated the Boss Challenge screen to better display information on your Boss Challenges. Chat and damage are more prominent, and inviting players mid-challenge is possible again.
—Boss Challenge actions may now be refreshed for two gold. Similar to how we have production and adventure speedups, you may now refresh Boss Challenge actions once you are out of actions. You may only speed up your own Boss Challenges; Alliance Challenges and your friend’s Boss Challenges cannot have your actions refreshed.
—Added a check at the beginning of any action (adventure, quest, AvA, PtP) that will check whether a Sworn Sword has had their stats reformulated. Some players had bugged Sworn Swords from months ago, which gave excessively large stats. This will recalculate those stats upon sending the Sworn Sword on any action. This recalculation should only occur once per Sworn Sword.
—Fixed an issue where the Shop would not refresh until Midnight EST if a player bought an item in the shop.
—Items now correctly re-populate into the shop after their timer is up.
—Fixed an issue where the boss challenge hitpoints for The King’s Blood were significantly lower than they should have been.
—Swapped the Renly and Dany Seals for the Ice Phase rewards. These two seals were in the wrong regional rewards.
—Removed showing recently-attacked players from your PtP Recents tab. This was not intended, and could lead to farming of a single individual. You may still slaughter your friends and enemies to your heart’s content.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Sword stats were not immediately visually updating after equipping an item or seal to them. The stats would be there, but would not show until you flipped the Sworn Sword, clicked on something else, etc. Stats should now show up immediately.
—Fixed an issue where Volume 1, Chapter 3 bonus goal (Join an Alliance) was not completing whether you joined an Alliance or were already in an Alliance.
—Fixed an issue where % Damage to Boss Challenges was not being calculated correctly. The Hound’s Head Helm, Seal of the Fourteen Fires, and other items with this stat should now work correctly.
—Fixed an issue where Mercenary, Clerk, and Prowler Seals of Adventuring were not using the correct stats. They should now display the correct stats.
—Fixed a bug where % seals to main stats (Battle, Trade, or Intrigue) would not provide their bonus if they were slotted directly into a Sworn Sword or your Character.
—Fixed an issue where wound timer reduction was not being capped at 70%. It now caps correctly at 70% wound timer reduction.
—Fixed several speed stats that were not working correctly.
—Fixed a bug where adding a boon to an individual Sworn Sword would bring up the Adventure Party screen.
—Several performance improvements on database queries and lookups.
—Improvements to Customer Service tools.
—It is still Peanut Butter Tully Time.

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