Build Notes 1.1.206 - March 19, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Today we have a small build. The first change reverts the volume selector change we made yesterday. We’re sorry we let you down with this change, and rather than have you work through it while we make improvements, we are reverting the change. We are looking into a better way to both accommodate future volumes and provide an easier way to view your Boss Challenges. Until that is ready, you may use the old version.

We also have added a new deal to the store, featuring three sets of peerless seals from the Stark women, and fixed a blocker bug for some quests.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Reverted the Volume Selector back to the old version. A new version, incorporating our player’s feedback and improvements to Boss Challenges, will be released in a future build.
—Added a new deal to the shop, “Insignias of the Stark Women.” Containing nine peerless seals, it has three of Arya’s seals, three of Talisa’s seals, and three of Catelyn’s seals. Build out your gear and newly-purchased units with these seals!
—Fixed a quest blocking issue for the task “Complete Memories of the West.”


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