Build Notes 1.1.205 - March 18, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Today we have our weekly content build! This build contains the first half of Volume You, Part 20: Eyes to the West. Renew old ties and re-engage with with the great names of Westeros, as we continue towards the beginning of Season Four. We also have something special for the shop … that’s right, it’s the Hodor pack! Called Gentle and Loyal, revisit everyone’s favorite Stark stableboy with a pitchfork, Hodor’s Backpack, Hodor’s Tunic, Hodor’s Cart, and a special Hodor seal for your items.

Today’s build also contains improvements and bugfixes for the game. The Boss Challenge rewards screen has been redesigned, and we have introduced units for sale for silver in the Shop. We have also added the ability to confirm gold purchases on Facebook and Kongregate versions of the game, as well as the ability to view your own ID number for assistance and friend requests.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Volume You, Part 20: Eyes to the West to the game.
—The Boss Challenge window now has a newly-redesigned rewards screen! You may again see the actions, rewards, and participants in your Boss Challenges.
—Added the Gentle and Loyal pack to the shop as a random pack.
—Valuable Prisoners can now be produced with affixes.
—Updated the volume selector for a better look, and to allow additional volumes of quests, starting with Volume Four next month!
—Units can now be purchased with silver from the Shop! Units include militia, fishing boats, and other craftable items that are slotted into your Companion slot. Every unit that is common, uncommon, or rare has a chance to show up in the Shop, with or without an affix. Fishing Boat of Combat? Sure! Refined Wall Climber? Excellent! Shadowy Reveller of Subtlety? Why not!
—Updated the Companions tab to show two random gold-cost companions and four random silver-cost units. Your Companions tab should now should ten total companions, with four permanent companions and six random companions and units.
—Added a Refresh option to Companions for two gold. Companions also refresh over time.
—Added the Account menu button to Kongregate and Facebook versions of the game.
—Added the ability to view your own account ID number in the Account window.
—Added the ability to enable gold confirmation dialogs and instant speed ups for Facebook and Kongregate players, through the Account window.
—Corrected the name of “Songs and Histories from the Seven Kingdoms.”
—Renamed “Cart of Tools” to “Tools Cart.”

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