Build Notes 1.1.207 - March 25, 2014

Today we have the second half of Volume You, Part 20: The Taste of Vengeance! Strike a defining blow against House Goldfoot, and explore the newest items and quests in the game. This is it, the end of Volume You, so get ready to move into Season Four. We cannot wait to show you what’s in store for this season!

This week’s pack brings some of Daenerys Stormborn’s iconic outfits and items back to the Shop, as well as bringing Littlefinger’s Ship, Dagger, Pin, and other accessories of the Small Council to the Shop as individual items. Two new deals are available: A pack of Direwolves for your Keep, and eight seals from the Hands of the King. Purchase three Direwolves, or kit out your inventory with peerless and legendary seals from King’s Landing, each at a 20% discount off their normal price!

Lastly, we have some changes for which Alliances are shown as available to join for new players, as well as some anti-exploit changes to the game. It is now more difficult to play the game in multiple tabs, as well as some crafting changes to prevent exploitation through 0-second crafting.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Volume You, Part 20: The Taste of Vengeance to the game. This is the last part of Season You!
—Added the Stormborn pack to the Shop! Outfit your holdings with the fashionable clothing of Daenerys Stormborn.
—Significant changes to what Alliances are shown when a player searches for Alliances to join. Preference is now shown to Alliances that have been recently active. Players will first see Alliances that active friends have joined, then show 20 randomly selected Alliances that have been active in the last five days. This will encourage new players looking for an Alliance to join an active, engaged Alliance instead of older, inactive Alliances.
—Implemented several new methods to make running Game of Thrones Ascent in multiple windows more difficult. If you try to do so, an alert now pops up asking you to close or reload. Running the game in multiple tabs or windows can cause corruption of your character and has been used in exploits.
—Capped the amount of time crafting timers can be reduced. Crafted item times are now capped at 30% of their original duration, and cannot take less than 30 seconds. This change was made to address a longstanding bug where some Stark talents could cause items to be crafted in zero seconds.
—Fixed a bug where equipping an item could still allow it to be used in crafting, preventing the crafting from consuming the resource. Crafting may show that it begins, but will not consume the items nor craft the item.

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