Build Notes - iOS 1.1.2

Hello, Bannermen!

The 1.1.2 update brings the King’s justice to some pesky crashes, boosts overall game performance, and addresses issues with the display of timers. Also Adventures, Adventure Parties, and Alliances benefitted from some bug fixes. Additional details can be found below.

As always, we’re committed to helping you! Please visit our forums for all of the latest information on Game of Thrones Ascent,, and if you need support, please contact us at

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you in Westeros!

Additional Improvements:
—Crash fixes! Game of Thrones Ascent on iPad is now faster, more stable, and a smoother game experience.
—Continued improvements to timers.
—Players may now page through all of the members of their Alliance.
—Tapping on an Alliance member portrait now brings up their profile.
—The Lorebook will perform faster and be more responsive to taps and swipes.
—Adventures now show whether they can be done in the day, or at night.
—Adventure Parties now allow our players to roll for bonus loot if they have unlocked that ability through talents.
—Fixed several issues related to opening the Lorebook in the Prologue.
—Fixed an issue where players were being logged out of Facebook too often.
—Fixed an issue where the Lorebook could not be scrolled backwards at certain times.
—Fixed an issue where shop prices did not correctly show their discount.

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