Build Notes 1.1.213 - April 2, 2014

Today we have a new content build with some special changes for Player Appreciation Week. Send your Sworn Swords on any Adventure and earn Double XP! Check out a special deal with the best of Volume 3 items, at a 40% discount! And keep an eye out this week as we lead up to the season premiere of Game of Thrones, Season Four!

Our new shop pack for this week is the Queen of Thorns.  Purchase items surrounding Lady Olenna Tyrell, and take a chance on her Surcoat, her Headdress, or get a delightfully strange Puff Fish!

After listening to your feedback, we have a new, improved version of the Volume Selector for this build. It allows you to select any volume you wish, and also offers a new volume that shows every Boss Challenge you’re in, or have been invited to - regardless of what volume they’re in. No longer do you need to switch between volumes to view all of your Challenges! However, they’re also still present in their respective volumes, just additionally present in the Challenge Invite volume.

The AvA Eel Phase is ready to be kicked off! Enjoy competing in our second region in two months, the deserts of Dorne!

And of course, get ready for Season Four next week!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—It’s Player Appreciation Week!
—Player Appreciation Week: Adventures now grant double the XP for a limited time!
—Player Appreciation Week: Keep an eye out in the shop this week for some new seal deals and, possibly, a special item this weekend!
—Player Appreciation Week: Added a “Best of Volume 3” pack to the store! Pick up some of our favorite items from Volume 3 at a 40% discount, from Catelyn’s Prayer Wheel to Cersei’s Torc, Bears to Second Sons.
—The Eel Phase of Alliance vs. Alliance Combat has begun! Please read the full list of changes here:
—Implemented a new, improved volume selector based on our player’s feedback! Now you may click on any volume in the selector, as well as a special icon that allows you to see all Boss Challenges you are currently involved in or invited to. Boss Challenges can still be viewed in their respective volumes, but this should give players a more consolidated view of their Boss Challenges.
—We have added in the Queen of Thorns pack to the game, with items surrounding Lady Olenna Tyrell. Take a chance on her Surcoat, her Headdress, or get a delightfully strange Puff Fish!
—It’s Tully Time in the store! Individual items from the Tully fealty are now available for individual purchase.
—Fixed an issue where the volume icon in the Lorebook was not displaying when the volume was completed.
—Fixed an issue where the Volume 1 Chapter III bonus goal “Join an Alliance” was not working. It is now fixed - again.
—Fixed the root cause of the 500 errors that some players were seeing over the weekend.
—The Volume Three Adventure “Bring Overdue Justice” has had its difficulty increased to be in line with other Adventures.
—Fixed an issue where Tyrell region images were broken in some AvA screens.
—Added additional support for Restart and Reincarnate requests.
—Fixed an issue where an item would appear on both pages of the Lorebook when looking at most pages. This used to obscure some parts of the page; no more!
—Renamed the Collaborator’s Seal to the Schemer’s Seal.

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