Build Notes 1.1.215 - April 7, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Bannermen, welcome to the first content build for Season Four of HBO’s Game of Thrones! This morning, you may play through Two Swords, the first episode of Season Four, as well as try your hand for iconic items from the episode, including Jamie’s Golden Hand or Jorah Mormont’s armor! We have added two dozen new quests that take you through the events seen in the show, which you may play by selecting Volume Four from the volume selector.

We have also launched Game of Thrones Ascent’s newest fealty, the Martells! Ancient house of Rhoynish descent, the Martells and their Glasshouse building have finally come to the game. This marks the eighth fealty added to Game of Thrones Ascent, and our Bannermen are immediately able to join the game as new Martell Bannermen. In addition, we have added dozens of new, unique Martell quests that take you through the storyline as a citizen of the great lands of Dorne.

Today begins a gold promo to celebrate the beginning of Season Four! For a limited time, pick up a unique Boneway Scorpion, a companion from the sandy desert of Dorne. Celebrating the launch of Season Four and the Martells, this Scorpion offers a powerful bonus to our crafty and harassing players.

We are excited to begin Season Four with our Bannermen, and we cannot wait to share the next nine episodes with you. As our Bannermen know, Valar Dohaeris: all men must serve. Take this time to serve Dorne and the powerful Martells today!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—The Martells are now the eighth fealty our Bannermen may pledge to! Travel to Sunspear and join the Sand Snakes in their patient waiting for vengeance and justice. We are proud to bring the Martells to Game of Thrones Ascent at the same time they make their stunning debut in Game of Thrones Season Four.
  —Players may now pledge fealty to the Martells.
  —The Glasshouse has been added to your Holdings.
  —Ceremonial Bowls may now be produced through the Glasshouse.
  —Dozens of new, exclusive Martell quests have been added to the game.
—Season Four Episode One content has been added to the game as Volume Four Chapter One!
  —Two dozen new quests follow the episode “Two Swords!” Click on the Volume IV tab to play through the new quests.
  —A new shop pack, called “Two Swords,” has been added to the game! Take a chance at the iconic items from last night’s episode, including Jamie’s golden hand! For a limited time, Needle and Ice have also returned to the store as individual items.
  —A new shop pack, called “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” bring relics from Dorne to the shop!
—A new Gold Promo has started for our Bannermen! Both our iPad and our Web players may take advantage of this new promo and pick up a limited-time Boneway Scorpion for their holdings.
—Double XP for Adventures has been disabled.
—Several fixes for character states (unlockables, talents, etc.) becoming unsynced.
—The Tracking boon now has stats attached to it. No longer will it be completely useless - it is now mildly useful!
—Potential fix for daily rewards stalling on the same day.
—Swapped the wording of the “of Fish” and “of Flowers” suffixes so their stats would match the Tyrell and Tully houses.
—Fixed an issue where some players did not see the quests for Prologue, Part 4.


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