Build Notes 1.1.216 - April 14, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your content build for Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and the Rose! This morning, play through what you watched last night, including the Royal Wedding and more! Take this opportunity to celebrate in style with many of the items featured in this episode, including Joffrey’s iconic sword Widow’s Wail and Margaery’s Wedding Dress.

Today’s build also includes many bugfixes, including repairing the Pacts system!  Players can again send Ale and Bacon to their spouses.  Please note that while you can cancel betrothal pacts before the wedding, a marriage in Westeros cannot be ended except through death. Choose your spouse wisely!

We have also fixed the Achievement system so that checklist achievements function again!  Additionally, we removed those pesky tooltips that were stopping some players from accessing the new Volume Selector.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Season Four Episode Two content has been added to the game as Volume Four Chapter One!
  —18 new quests follow the episode “The Lion and the Rose”!
  —A new shop pack, “The Lion and the Rose,” has been added to the game! Take a chance at the iconic items from last night’s episode, including Widow’s Wail! For a limited time, Hodor’s Backpack and Cart are available for purchase as individual items.
  —The “Queen of Thorns” items are now available as a full pack!
—Addressed many issues with Pacts
  —Fixed an issue where Pact Requests were not expiring after 48 hours.
  —Removed ‘Cancel’ buttons when viewing a Friend’s pacts.
  —Removed ‘Cancel’ button for Marriage pacts - There’s no divorce in Westeros!
  —Fixed the ‘Cancel’ buttons for Betrothal Pacts - Now you can be like Joffrey, too!
  —Fixed an issue where some players were unable to send Ale and Bacon to their spouses.
—Checklist achievements now function correctly.
—Removed Volume Selector tooltips.
—Added Martell-themed UI elements on the Character Screen for Martell players.
—Corrected the production time of Horses in the Glasshouse.
—Fixed an issue where players could access Fealty buildings upon reincarnating without investing the permanent talent point into the appropriate talent.
—Fixed an issue where accepting favors from players that had since reincarnated caused errors.
—Adjusted several items’ stats to level the playing field between Fealty buildings.
  —Arbor Standard Carrier now has +1% to battle attacks.
  —Glasshouse Spearman now requires the Orangery unlock and an additional input of 3 iron.
  —Glasshouse Halberdier now requires the Orangery unlock instead of the Topiary.
  —Glasshouse Halberdier now requires inputs of 1 militia, 1 spear and 3 fur.
  —Glasshouse Masterwork Spear now requires the Topiary unlock instead of the Orangery.
—Fixed an issue where Volume 4 Chapter titles were appearing incorrectly.
—Various typo and quest fixes.

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