Build Notes 1.1.218 - April 21, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly build for Game of Thrones Ascent! Witness the mourning for Joffrey, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and the start of the Siege of Meereen. Follow through the important events in the Game of Thrones with new quests, items, and a new shop pack!

The first Volume Four adventures have been added to the game! We have introduced the concept of fealty-specific adventures, giving players of different fealties something unique to do in Volume Four. Future Volume Four adventures will have unique, fealty-specific items as their loot, but for now, these first adventures offer another way to gain uncommon resources. [*Please Note: iOS version does not currently have Fealty Adventures available to be started; FAs started on web can be finished on iOS. This should be available on iOS in the next build.]

We continue our fixes to achievements in today’s build, with many more achievements now working. The vast majority of achievements have now been fixed and verified as working, and we have added back in two Targaryen achievements after changing how they are acquired. Please note that these fixes are NOT retroactive; we looked into making them retroactive, but were unable to.

We have also made changes to PtP random targets, bringing their levels back in line with your character’s level. Lastly, we have several other bug fixes and tweaks to the game.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Season Four Episode Three content has been added to the game as Volume Four Chapter Three! Play through two dozen new quests and experience the events of Game of Thrones, Season Four Episode Three.
—We have introduced 16 new Volume IV Adventures! These adventures are based on your fealty, so only the Adventures associated with your current fealty can be run. While there are only 16 now, we’ll be introducing more as Volume Four continues.
—We have continued our fixes to achievements!
  —Fixed many achievements that were pulling from incorrect stats.
  —The Belly Full achievement is now fixed.
  —The Strange Powers achievement is now fixed.
  —The Find Your Place achievement has been fixed.
  —Added in the Dragon Rider and Dragon Tamer Targaryen achievements.
—Friend’s Alliances will now only show as available to join if they are open to new players. Alliances where you have an invite will also appear, even if they are set to be invite-only.
—PtP Random targets have been changed to show targets more in line with a player’s level.
  —Players under level 120 will now have their targets capped at 170% their level.
  —Players over level 120 will have no change.
  —The potential list of targets has been increased, from a maximum of 24 targets to a maximum of 50.
—Fixed a bug where you could rename your character at will.
—Fixed a bug where the Volume Selector referenced Volume You as Volume Four.
—Removed the randomly generated names Dick and Dickon because, you know, reasons.
—Several quest blocker fixes.


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