Build Notes - iOS 1.1.4

Hello, Bannermen!

The Martells have arrived in Westeros! With Season 4 in full swing on HBO, we hope you are enjoying the new quests and items pulled right from the screen! Have you reincarnated and sworn allegiance to Dorne? Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken!

The newest update for Game of Thrones Ascent features improved functionality for the banner designer, crash fixes, and various flow improvements and bug fixes. Full details below!

As always, we’re committed to helping you. In fact, many of the bug fixes you see below originated in reports and requests from you! Please visit our forums for all of the latest information on Game of Thrones Ascent,, and if you need support, please contact us at

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you in Westeros!

Additional Improvements:
—Fixed an issue where some players were getting stuck in Prologue Part 4.
—Additional banner creator functionality implemented, including the ability to specify colors, banner pattern, sigils, and sigil layout.
—In Building screens, players may now tap on items required for production recipes to learn where to get said items.
—Resolved an issue where building upgrades sometimes displayed only Battle stats.
—Fixed an issue where the Message window closed if the player accepted a friend’s invitation to a Boss Challenges.
—Players can cancel Pacts before they are accepted. Please note that a marriage in Westeros cannot be ended except through death. Choose your spouse wisely!
—Players can once more send Ale and Bacon to their spouses.
—Achievement progress is now tracked in a more reliable and accurate fashion.
—Adjustments to the Player to Player screen and flow to improve ease of use.
—Command points now display properly in the Player to Player screen.
—Now if a player attempts to send a fourth Player to Player action to a single player within 24 hours, they are returned to the target selection screen. Previously in this case players were sent to the Sworn Sword selection screen.
—Calling your Banners for assistance now displays a button in Alliance chat, making it easier for help to arrive.
—Fixed an issue where incorrect camp data was appearing in Alliance chat.
—Fixed an issue where leaving an Alliance could result in the chat window staying open.
—Fixed an issue where the “Enter Challenge” button would appear above the item contribution buttons for completed Alliance Challenges.
—Fixed an issue with silver contribution to Alliance camps where tapping the Give button before tapping “Done” would contribute the default amount of silver, not the player-specified amount.
—Alliance leaders are now notified of incoming friendship requests from other Alliances.
—Alliances may now pledge their fealty to House Martell and House Tully.
—Accept Friend requests are now removed from the Messages screen.
—The Power Leaderboard now lists more Alliances.
—Fixed a display issue with the Alliance rewards screen.
—Fixed an issue where the Alliance War Map did not display proper diplomacy text.
—The player’s fealty color now displays in the header of menu screens.
—Improved handling of Retina and non-Retina images.
—Players experiencing an issue with Facebook login that formerly caused a crash will now see the message “There was a problem logging you into Facebook. Please restart the app and try again.”
—Fixed a crash caused by pressing the Back button on the character sheet while the loading animation played.
—Fixed a crash in the Lorebook related to pages turning.
—Fixed a crash with progress bars.
—Fixed a crash that could occur when rapidly flipping through tabs on the left side of menus.
—Fixed a roving band of wild crashes from North of the Wall.
—Minor tooltip, graphic and typo fixes.
—And much more!

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