Build Notes 1.1.221 - May 5, 2014

Welcome to your weekly build! Did you enjoy last night’s episode? How about that attack in the cold north, or the thing in King’s Landing? Remember that these build notes can have spoilers from last night’s episode, so beware!

Today we have several dozen new quests following the events of Season Four, Episode Five! Follow Daenerys and consolidate her holdings in Meereen, witness the coronation of King Tommen, and fight the mutineers at Craster’s Keep! We’re halfway through the season, and we hope you have been having fun!

Today’s build, in addition to some bugfixes, also contains two new systems. The first is a Loyalty Award system, rewarding players for playing on their account anniversaries. On your week, two week, month, two month, six month, and year anniversary, receive special items, silver, and gold just for being a player of Game of Thrones Ascent! You can read more about the rewards in this dev blog.

The second system is a code redemption system. We’ll be posting more about this system in an upcoming blog!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Check out the new pack of items, “First of his Name,” reliving the coronation of King Tommen, First of his Name!
  —Grab a guaranteed Peerless item, guaranteed Legendary item, and a Legendary or Peerless seal from the pack. Perhaps you’ll get Lysa’s Wedding Dress or Tommen’s Cloak? And who wouldn’t want the incredibly adorable Rabbit to go along with your Royal Cat?
  —Or maybe you’ll get the Crate of Lemons? Become the man who’s gonna burn the house down, with the Lemons! Make life take the Lemons back!
—Another deals pack, commemorating the Raid on Craster’s Keep, brings back favorites like Craster’s Axe and Meera’s Bow. Relive a dark hour of the Night’s Watch!
—Loyalty Awards are now live! Read our blog here for more details on the rewards you may be eligible for.
—Promo Codes are now live! We’ll be releasing promo codes slowly over the upcoming months, but when they come up, you’ll be able to redeem them in-game for items!
—Added in a new set of 8 fealty-specific Adventures! These level 90 Adventures have only uncommon resources for this build, but in a future build the level 90 Adventures will contain new fealty items!
—Fixed several typos in the game. Now you can be Conquerors, not Conquerers!
—Updated flavor text on Eel Moon items to say they could be earned during an Eel Phase, including Eel Shock.


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