Build Notes - iOS Build 1.1.6 (iPad)

Hello Bannermen!

The latest update for Game of Thrones Ascent is full of rejoicing and bugfixing, as a new king is crowned! We’re continuing to smite game bugs and crashes, and paid special attention to fixing the timers for your buildings. Game of Thrones Ascent is faster, more stable, and better performing than ever!

As always, we’re committed to helping you. In fact, many of the bug fixes you see below originated in reports and requests from you! Please visit our forums for all of the latest information on Game of Thrones Ascent,, and if you need support, please contact us at

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you in Westeros!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in a new Code Redemption feature! Keep your eyes peeled for new promo codes in the coming weeks, which you can redeem for exclusive items and rewards in the Shop!
—Modified some Alliance versus Alliance (AvA) screens in preparation for future Phases!
—Fixed an issue where building timers on the toolbar were not always displaying the correct remaining time.
—Fixed rare issue where some apps would open when GoTA was launched (fixed for iOS 7+ users only).
—Many fixes to better display when the game is processing a player’s action.
—Fixed several issues that occurred for some players when they reincarnated or restarted their character.
—Fixed an issue where one of the gold purchase option was sometimes not displaying.
—Fixed an issue where tapping “Go” in the Lorebook would sometimes launch no action.
—Fixed an issue where Lorebook goals would sometimes incorrectly show as locked.
—Fixed a rare Lorebook crash.
—Fixed a rare Banner Creator crash.
—Fixed an issue where Fealty-specific Adventures would sometimes not show their fealty image.
—Memory and performance optimizations!
—Found some treats for Ser Pounce.
—And many more bugfixes and improvements!

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