Build Notes 1.1.225 - May 19, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Monday content build, featuring both our Thunder Phase changes and the latest content and items from last night’s episode, Mockingbird! Relive the events of Mockingbird with another beautiful dress adorned by Daenerys Targaryen, Podrick’s Armor, a victorious Melee Champion, along with seals, boons, and of course, Kidney Pie.

This week we have another market for you to visit: the busy docks and warehouses of King’s Landing! Break open one of their many boxes to receive anything from a seal to the iconic greatsword of House Stark, Ice. Priced at 11 gold, this pack is accessible to many players, and gives a chance to acquire some of the rarest items at a fraction of their cost.

Today’s build brings an enormous number of changes to Alliance vs. Alliance Combat! In preparation for the Thunder Phase of AvA, we published a detailed blog entry going over all of the changes. Please read the blog here for all of the changes.

Today’s build also contains several bugfixes related to Alliance vs. Alliance Combat.

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Episode 7 pack: Mockingbird! Get a random Peerless item, Legendary item, Seals, Boons, and a Kidney Pie!
—Added a new shop item: the King’s Landing Market! Plundering lands from coast to coast, the Dothraki assemble the greatest market in the world at Vaes Dothrak. This item costs 10 gold, and guarantees an item worth 9 gold or better!
  —80% of the time, get a seal worth 10 gold.
  —15% of the time, get a legendary item!
  —5% of the time, get a Peerless item, including iconic items like Ice, Littlefinger’s Surcoat,Ned Stark’s Walking Stick, and more!
—Added in many changes for the Thunder Phase, as detailed in our blog post.
—Fealty-specific Adventures now have two unique pieces of loot associated with them! Level 90 Adventures have a unique shield, and level 105 Adventures have a unique bannerman. Run the adventures today to get your fealty shield and bannerman!
—Updated Alliance Challenges to require Thunder Phase spoils.
—Updated spoil conversion recipes to allow Eel to Eel Shock, and Eel Shock to Thunder.
—Kicking an Alliance member now correctly triggers a cooldown if they were engaged in AvA.
—Fixed an issue where wounds were not correctly being healed for Sworn Swords if a player was not logged in. When a Sworn Sword had more than one wound, the wounds were not correctly being removed after an appropriate amount of time.
—Fixed an issue where level 0 to level 1 camps were using the level 1 to level 2 upgrade time, level 1 to level 2 camps were using the level 2 to level 3 upgrade time, etc. Camps now take the correct amount of time to upgrade. Level 0 to 1 takes 10 minutes, level 1 to 2 takes 30 minutes, etc.
—Alliance Leaders may view all garrisoned Sworn Swords, as well as their stats.
—Fixed an issue where garrisoning a Sworn Sword would take you away from the garrison tab once the Sworn Sword was garrisoned.

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