Build Notes 1.1.224 - May 12, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly build!  Today we bring you 21 new quests following the events of Season 4, Episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men”! 

Follow along with a Greyjoy raid, Davos’ attempts to secure a loan from the Iron Bank, and Tyrion’s trial.  Additionally, pick up iconic items from the episode, such as Yara Greyjoy’s armor and Daenerys’s Council Dress in the new The Laws of Gods and Men item pack.

We have added in a new type item to the store: The Vaes Dothrak market! Gathering together loot from the Dothraki hordes, it brings a chance to acquire legendary or peerless items to players at a cheap price! It is guaranteed to always give an item 9 gold or better for a price of 10 gold. Grab some today!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Episode 6 pack: The Laws of Gods and Men! Get a random Peerless item, Legendary item, and Seal!
—Added a new shop item: the Vaes Dothrak Market! Plundering lands from coast to coast, the Dothraki assemble the greatest market in the world at Vaes Dothrak. This item costs 10 gold, and guarantees an item worth 9 gold or better!
  —80% of the time, get a speed-up worth 9 or 10 gold.
  —15% of the time, get a legendary item!
  —5% of the time, get a Peerless item, including iconic items like Longclaw, Needle, the Blackfish Armor, a Direwolf Patriarch, and more!
—“Oathkeeper” is now available as a full pack in the shop!
—Added in the individual items from the Purple Wedding! Buy the wedding clothes of Joffrey and Margaery, or purchase one of the iconic swords of Season Four, Widow’s Wail!
—Increased the number of silver weapons, armor, and units by 2. There are now 6 weapons, 6 pieces of armor, and 6 units in the shop available for silver.
—Fixed an issue where clicking “Buy Again” without gold confirmation on would flicker and not show the second purchased item.
—Corrected loot table for V3 Level 42 Red Fork adventure. It had 2 chances of a red gem, instead of 1 chance for a red and 1 chance for a blue.
—Fixed an issue where dead Sworn Swords could sometimes be sent out on AvA attacks.
—Fixed a typo on the Seal of Festivities.
—Removed the “More Stats” function from the Sworn Sword training button, as it did nothing.


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