Build Notes 1.1.228 - May 27, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Tuesday content build! We’re a day later this week due to the holiday, and also because we did not have a new show episode to follow. We hope you had a great weekend, and celebrated with a Season Four rewatch!

This morning sees a return of the Gold Promo, giving our players a chance to pick up a unique item with their purchase of $20 or more: The Hound’s Knife! The Hound’s Knife brings Sandor Clegane’s famous side-blade to you and yours. A permanent peerless item, it gives 25/25/25 to Battle, Trade, and Intrigue, as well as giving an 8% bonus to Aid, Sabotage, and Swindle when attacking. Pick up this unique item in the gold promo until June 2nd, 2014!

To celebrate the break between episodes, and to give our AvA and non-AvA players an exciting change, we have increased the XP for all adventures by 100% That means that any adventures completed until June 2nd will grant double the XP to your Sworn Swords. Use this chance to increase the level of your armies, and grab the Fealty-specific shields and companions from our Volume Four adventures!

Two special packs have entered the store, with a special “Last of His Name” pack celebrated the most momentous wedding King’s Landing has ever seen! Pick up a Peerless item, Legendary item, and Seal from this pack today, or save your gold for the sharpest pack ever sold: Swords of Westeros! 15 of the greatest blades the Seven Kingdoms have ever seen have entered the shop as individual purchases, or you may get a random Peerless Sword for a 15% discount.

Lastly, we also have a number of AvA fixes and game fixes in this build.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you in-game!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Swords of Westeros pack to the shop, and added 15 Peerless blades to the Shop for individual purchase!
—Added the Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken pack to the shop!
—Added the mid-season pack, Last of His Name, to the shop!
—Fixed an issue where iPad players could not see Level 20 camps.
—Fixed an issue where players could contribute more resources than were needed for a camp upgrade.
—Several fixes for Command Point usage by Sworn Swords when they should not have taken up Command Points.
—Added in several checks to handle edge cases related to Sworn Swords staying in a garrison when they should not have been.
—General AvA improvements related to error handling, garrisoning, and attacks by Sworn Swords.
—All members of an Alliance may now view all garrisoned Sworn Swords in a camp.
—Removed several troublesome names from the name filter.
—Added 3% AvA Attack Speed to Bronn’s Sword.
—Fixed an issue where the Martell Talent was not showing when picking a fealty.
—Updated two Prologue quests to take five minutes instead of six, allowing players to instantly complete those quests.
—Fixed an issue where Volume One Chapter Two bonus goal was counting the number of attempts, not the number of items produced.
—Corrected the House Stark insignia seal to provide 5 to Battle, instead of 4 to Battle, bringing it in line with the other house insignias.
—Clarified the achievement “Blood on a Maiden’s Thigh” to reference War Spoils instead of War Tokens.
—Changed the Kidney Pie to be “Savory” instead of “Savoury.” The pie should now taste much better.

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