Build Notes 1.1.231 - June 9, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Monday content build! By this time you’ve had a chance to digest last night’s events - quite exciting! We have last night’s content in the game - you can play through The Watchers on the Wall as soon as you log in. Battle Mance Rayder’s army alongside the Night’s Watch, and learn whether any kings or the Warden of the North might come to their aid, with new quests, new items, new adventures and more!

We also have a number of significant bugfixes and performance fixes in today’s build, including the squashing of some poor performance when logging in and using your inventory.

Lastly, we’re bringing you a fond remembrance pack, “You Know Nothing,” available in the shop. It contains of the favorite items used by our brooding Northman and his crimson partner. Check it out, continue grabbing The Mountain and the Viper pack, or purchase the full Mockingbird pack today!

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you in-game!

Additional Improvements:
— Season Four Episode Nine has been added to the game as Volume Four Chapter Nine! Journey alongside the Night’s Watch as the season builds to its epic climax.
  —The “You Know Nothing” pack has been added to the store, adding in Jon Snow and Ygritte’s favorite items.
  —Pick up the individual items from Lysa and Littlefinger’s wedding in the store, or buy the full pack from the episode “Mockingbird.”
—Significant performance improvements across major game systems, from login to attacks to inventory management. This should result in a faster and healthier game for all of our players.
—Fixed an issue where speed-ups could not be used on chance-based items (Fireship, Pyre, WIldfire, etc.).
—Fixed an issue where speed-ups could not be used when initially constructing a building.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords were sometimes assigned to defend PtP attacks when they were not on a PtP patrol. In this case, all who wandered were lost.
—Fixed an issue where silver increase stats did not appear on a Sworn Sword if they equipped an item with those stats. This was a display issue - the stats did apply, but were not displayed.
—Fixed an issue where Quest and Adventure speed-up stats sometimes did not appear on a Sworn Sword after equipping items with those stats. This was a display issue - the stats did apply, but were not displayed.
—Non-silver camp contributions now correctly flag you as a war participant.
—Fixed an issue where some items with more than three stats did not display their fourth stat, “Permanent.” Items like the Massive Elk, Axe of the First Men, and Dragon Eggs should now correctly display their permanency.
—Fixed an issue where some items that had percentage gain stats were not displaying correctly on a Sworn Sword. For example, if you equipped a Dragonbone bow, Bone helm, and Medic’s Cart, your Sworn Sword would display 7% to Aid instead of 17% to Aid. This was a display-issue only.
—Fixed an issue where using a Nettle Poultice would not decrease the quantity of owned Nettle Poultice until you refreshed.
—Fixed an issue where Jon Snow knew something. 

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