Build Notes 1.1.232 - June 16, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Monday content build, this time with 100% more new game systems! Play along with the Season Finale, and follow Bran into the ancient North, help Stannis take the Wall, and learn whose execution will happen in King’s Landing, with new quests, new items, and more! To celebrate the end of the season, you may purchase The Mountain and the Viper full pack for the full time, witness Arya’s fate with the Hound and the Maiden Fair pack, and memorialize Season Four Episode Ten with our newest pack, The Children! Pick up Tyrion’s Crate, Stannis’ Bannermen, Dragon Chains, and, of course, Tyrion’s Crossbow!

This build also includes some major game systems, including a new Alliance vs. Alliance system to send out your Sworn Swords, our new Luck Bonus system to help out your crafting, the ability to lock Alliance camps from contributions, and numerous other fixes! The full list is too long for the build notes, so make sure to check out our blog detailing the changes here.

We have introduced a new market into the game: The Westeros Market! This market is the first place where you will be able to acquire a Peerless Black Gem, used in our new Luck Bonus system.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the next phase in Alliance vs. Alliance Combat: The Bat Phase! Gain the unique Dark Nightmare title and fight over Westeros in new and exciting ways. Get ready for the kickoff at 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC).

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll see you in-game!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in new quests and items for Season Four Episode 10, The Children! These are available as Volume Four Chapter Ten.
  —Added in the newest shop pack, The Children! This pack contains Shae’s Necklace, Tyrion’s Crate, a Child of the Forest, and, of course, Tyrion’s Crossbow.
  —Added in the full pack for The Mountain and the Viper.
  —For the first time, items from The Laws of Gods and Men are available for individual purchase in the shop!
—The first implementation of AvA parties is here! The ability to send out all, some, or one Sworn Sword against a camp is now live, and will be present for the Bat Phase. This pulls Sworn Swords from the region and sends them against a camp. You choose whether all of your garrisoned Sworn Swords, some of them, or one of them is sent off.
—The Luck Bonus system is here! This system rewards you for failures in crafting rare and powerful items, including the Dragon Eggs and hatching a Dragon! To go along with this system, we have introduced Black Gems. Black Gems can be obtained through adventures or the shop, and let you add Luck to your craft attempts. NOTE: Black Gems will be introduced into Adventures in next week’s build.
—Alliance Leaders and Officers may now lock and unlock camp contributions for individual camps.
—Many recipes have been updated to take advantage of the Luck Bonus system.
—Performance improvements around Ravens, Adventure Parties, Production, and Quests.
—Fixed an issue where Level 127 Sworn Swords could generate many training points. Sworn Swords are now capped at Level 127.
—Corrected loot in one of the Baratheon Fealty adventures.
—Fixed an issue where the Sworn Sword’s main stat would not be updated in the Sworn Sword’s description. This should address the issue with stat descriptions seeming lower than they should be.
—Fixed an issue where Alliance Challenges would persist as a challenge even after it is failed.
—Fixed an issue where quest defenders would sometimes not have the correct defender.
—Fixed an issue where your Sworn Sword’s stats weren’t being reset and recalculated on some repeated quests (this fixes Against Lord Roxton).
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Sword stats were not being added to the challenge rating for some repeatable quests.
—Tweaked some quests to better flow into their next quests.

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