Build Notes - iOS 1.1.8 (iPad)

Hello, Bannermen!

Season 4 has come to a dramatic close on HBO, but Game of Thrones Ascent won’t stop its weekly march of original quests and new content!

In our latest update, our team swept through bugs and crashes like Stannis’s army then sailed away to Braavos, returning with new features including the Luck Bonus for producing elusive items, the ability to send out many Sworn Swords at once in Alliance vs. Alliance combat, a new quest type and an improved tutorial for any first time water dancers out there.

As always, we’re committed to helping you. Please visit our forums for all of the latest information on Game of Thrones Ascent,, and if you need support, please contact us at

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you in Westeros!

Additional Improvements:
—Building menus have been improved for usability and now include and a Luck Bonus system for crafting chance-based items!
—Alliance players can easily send out all, some, or one Sworn Sword in Alliance vs. Alliance combat!
—Performance Quests have been added to the game. When available, these quests reward players for completing certain actions and objectives.
—A revamped tutorial, bringing new players better instructions on how to start playing Game of Thrones Ascent.
—Hired The Mountain to squish bugs with his bare hands.
—Solid performance improvements on all devices, including a reduction in memory usage which should make the game easier to run on older devices.
—Fixed a crash caused when Alliance chat was heavily used.
—Fixed an issue preventing Kongregate players from logging out.
—Procured a mysterious box from Varys, to be opened in the near future!

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