Build Notes 1.1.235 - June 23, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your first post-Season 4 content build!  Today we bring you the beginnings of Forging Bonds, a new volume of original quest content and unique items! Dive into your personal story as a rival family makes a bold play for your lands. Act decisively or risk losing everything you have worked so hard to gain!

Picking up after Volume 4, the events of Forging Bonds return the story’s focus to your noble holdings and the threats and challenges you face from within and without. All players who have completed the Prologue can access Forging Bonds by selecting the new banner icon in the Volume Selector.

We are also introducing a new type of quest this week, which require certain in-game actions to complete!

This week’s update also features new items in the shop including the Red Viper pack, which contains brand new items like the Red Viper companion, and some older favorites such as the Red Viper’s Spear and Oberyn’s Stallion!

As always, thank you for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Part 1 of Forging Bonds, “A Rival Claim,” which includes 21 all new quests!
—Added The Red Viper item pack to the shop.
—Added the full Watchers on the Wall item pack to the shop.
—Added a Season 4 Peerless Seals collection the the shop.
—For the first time, items from Season 4 Episode 7, Mockingbird, are available for individual purchase in the shop!
—Black gems drop in Adventures.

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