Build Notes 1.1.236 - June 30, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build, featuring Part 2 of Forging Bonds! Our original questline continues, following your hard choices between children, suitors and rivals to name an heir for your lands.

This week’s update also features new items in the Shop including the My Name is Reek item pack, containing salty new items such as Yara’s Axe, Reek’s Razor, and Theon’s Bow!

We also have several great bug fixes for you today, including resolved issues with granting silver in Barter PtP attacks, and Sworn Swords loitering in garrisons after their Lord or Lady were removed from an Alliance.

We have added several new task-based quests this week!  Please note that these special quests are independent and are not required to receive new quests in Forging Bonds or any other Volume.

As always, thank you for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Part 2 of Forging Bonds, “An Acceptable Heir,” which includes 11 all new quests!
—Added My Name is Reek item pack to the Shop.
—Added the full The Children item pack to the Shop.
—Added a Winterfell Market item pack shop - 14 gold for a random Stark-themed item!
—Fixed an issue where the proper amount of silver was not being granted after Bartering in PtP.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords were not being being removed from garrisons when their Lord or Lady was removed from the alliance.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Sword stats were not displaying correct values after healing completely.
—Fixed an issue where the equipped status of items with recently applied seals was not being transferred properly.
—Add AvA resolution protections for disbanded alliances.
—Updated recipe requirements for both the Nocturnal Assassin and the Nocturnal Deceiver.
—Added six new Sworn Sword portraits.
—Removed “Benfrey” from female Character & Sworn Sword name generators, as it is decidedly not a female name.
—Several quest fixes.

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