Build Notes 1.1.240 - July 14, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build!  This week, we bring you special changes in another Player Appreciation Week - more changes and more bufixes for all of our players!  Send your Sworn Swords on any Adventure and earn 50% more XP, participate in our Seal Slot Sale, and check out new seals added to the shop.

The Seal Slot Sale is here! Item and Sworn Sword seal slots 3, 4, 5, and 6 have had their gold cost reduced to 5 gold each. This totals more that 40% savings when unlocking all 6 slots on an item! This sale is also reflected on permanent Sworn Sword purchases in the shop. Peerless permanent Sworn Swords are now 23 Gold (35% discount!) while legendary are 18 (25% discount!). Please note, Sworn Swords that are in the shop at the time that the build goes live will retain their old price - but we’re also adding another 6 Sworn Swords to the keep, so some of your choices should reflect the new prices. New Sworn Swords that cycle in over the week will be available at the sale price.

This build also contains Forging Bonds, Part 4: Defiance! Play through 10 all-new quests that follow the latest intrigue and betrayals in your Holdings!

We have added four new evolution recipes: Illustrious Mercer, Master Assassin, Phalanx Commander, and Cavalry Commander. These new recipes each require a number of Legendary items dropped from adventures. These four items (one for each evolution recipe), along with the common and uncommon black gems, have had their drop rates doubled!

And lastly, we have a huge number of bugfixes and improvements for the game. Our engineers and designers have been hard at work resolved a lot of those little things that annoy our players. We hope you’ll find Game of Thrones Ascent leaner and more polished than ever!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Part 4 of Forging Bonds, “Defiance,” which includes 10 all new quests!
—Added the Instruments of Death item pack to the Shop. Grab a random item that has a killer past!
—Added the full “My Name is Reek” item pack to the Shop.
—For the first time, items from Season 4 Episode 10, The Children, are available for individual purchase in the shop!
It’s Player Appreciation Week!
  —Player Appreciation Week: Adventures now grant 50% more XP for a limited time!
  —Player Appreciation Week: Reduced the gold price on Seal Slot Unlocks to 5 gold each for a limited time! The first Seal Slot Unlock costs 3 gold, per usual.
  —Player Appreciation Week: Doubled drop rates of the common and uncommon black gems in adventures for a limited time!
  —Player Appreciation Week: Doubled drop rates for Grand Pack Horse, Grand Short Hauberk, Grand Pewter Chain, and Grand Tailored Tunic in adventures for a limited time!
—Added four new evolution recipes: Illustrious Mercer (Artisan Quarters), Master Assassin (Watchtower), Phalanx Commander (Armory), and Cavalry Commander (Tourney Arena). These items take your legendary items (Elite Cavalry, Elite Phalanx, etc.) and give you a chance to enhance them even further, into a truly formidable peerless version! NOTE: Affixes DO NOT persist through these recipes - it’s another roll of the dice!
—Fixed an issue where your Sworn Swords were not available for actions after they had been removed from garrison.
—Fixed friend’s boss quests being stuck in your quest list.
—Fixed several tutorial tooltips not displaying arrows.
—Fixed boss challenges not being triggered if you’re helping someone on the same challenge.
—Fixed boss challenge timers starting before you assign a Sworn Sword.
—Fixed boss challenge actions giving too much XP per action.
—Fixed the amount of damage shown when attacking in a boss challenge.
—Fixed the formatting of the Phase Victors tab in the Leaderboards.
—Fixed the Family, Duty, Honor talent not working.
—Fixed Adventure Party talents not recognizing perm talent points.
—Fixed an issue where dead Sworn Swords were added to Adventure Parties when using the Fill All button.
—Fixed an issue where some people couldn’t change their banner.
—Fixed PayPal not being available after your first purchase. Feel free to give us more money!
—Some fixes to cooldown timers for Sworn Swords. Some cooldowns over an hour long were not displaying correctly.
—Fixed Sworn Swords sometimes not displaying that they had training points to spend.
—Stat fixes in item base stats.
—You can’t add dead sworn swords to your Adventure Parties anymore. The live Sworn Swords were complaining about them being dead weight.
—Fixed raven message count not decreasing.
—Changed the shop to show 12 available Sworn Swords & sort them by highest to lowest rarity.
—Changed the shop to sort available Seals by Rarity.
—Fixed an issue where the proper amount of items owned was not displaying correctly in recipes in buildings.
—Fixed the terrible stretching of the AvA Phase Victors leaderboard.
—Fixed building level disappearing from Buildings bar after starting production.
—Fixed building level not appearing in building upgrade modal.
—Fixed an issue where a broken login screen would appear for a second on our web platforms.
—Fixed an issue that was allowing players to set their passwords to null strings.
—Added better handling of dead Sworn Swords on AvA attacks.
—Added additional measures to prevent players banned from AvA from participating in AvA.
—Fixed Fosterling background & text missing from the Lorebook.
—When stealing in AvA, the action had the wrong description. You should now be fully aware of your stealing, you thief.
—Naming your Keep is now subject to the name filter system. Stop naming your Keep inappropriate things!
—Fixed an issue where the Trail Rations boon does not apply its stated percentage bonus when used.

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