Build Notes 1.1.242 - July 21, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build!  An extra special welcome to our new Bannermen who have joined us following our launch on iPhones and Android!  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Winter?  Download now on Android and iOS!  We have been working on these for quite a while are are excited to finally release them!

Today we bring you a whole new system called World Events!  You may have heard of this here or here, but now you will see it roll out in game over the coming weeks.  Here’s what you need to know:

War is brewing once again in Westeros. With the War of Five Kings nearing its end, the smaller houses have begun mustering their forces to make their own bids for power. With your enemies already acting, you can’t afford to be left behind…  Your alliance seeks a loan from the Iron Bank to fund its victories. But your enemies have already reached Braavos. Can you gain the bank’s favor before they do, or will they bring all of the bank’s wealth and power to bear against you?

Welcome to the Iron Bank cycle!

During Stage 1…
—Send your sworn swords on all new Braavos adventures to collect resources to build your camps!
—Fight your enemies in PtP, and put the spoils toward your alliance!
—Build your camps before war breaks out in earnest on 7/28!
Phase I begins on 7/21 at 12 noon EDT and lasts until 7/28 at 11:59am EDT.

We have also added a new item pack to the shop to celebrate the start of this World Events cycle. The Iron Bank of Braavos pack features new items like Iron Bank Coins, Stannis’s Ship, Dueling Bravos, a Braavosi Helm & more! Pick these up now and equip yourself like a true Braavosi!

Additionally, due to the server issues yesterday, we have extended Player Appreciation Week! Take advantage of 50% more XP from Adventures, participate in our Seal Slot Sale, and doubled drop rates of the common and uncommon black gems in adventures for a limited time!

Additional Improvements:
—Added support for the first phase of World Events which will start today at 12 noon EDT with the Iron Bank cycle!
  —Added four Braavos adventures!
  —Added two new repeatable quests that grant items needed to build up your Alliance camps!
  —Added a new bar in the HUD that delivers in-game information regarding World Events.
  —Added The Iron Bank of Braavos item pack to the shop!
  —Added a new promotion: Receive the Titan Helm with a gold purchase of $20 or more, for this week only! One per account.
—For the first time, items from The Red Viper pack are available for individual purchase in the shop!
—Fixed an issue where players were shown incorrect gold prices when speeding building upgrades and constructing buildings.
—Fixed an issue where players banned from AvA were still able to contribute to and repair camps.
—Fixed an issue where opening a constructing building would sometimes display “(NULL_LOOT)” instead of “Constructing:”
—Fixed an issue where swapping between volumes could send players to the wrong chapter of the Lorebook.
—Fixed an issue where the proper banner image was not being displayed when completing Bonus Quests that required players to choose a friend.
—Fixed an issue on where when a player reincarnated or restarted and then immediately refreshed, they would restart again.
—Fixed an issue where the Family, Duty, Honor talent was not functioning.
—Fixes to make Siege Works upgrades show correctly on all Holdings.
—Resolved an issue where building mouseover highlights were not showing in holdings view.
—Fixed an issue where silver coin animation would be stuck on the quest rewards screen.
—Addressed several issues with Boss Challenge animations.
—Fixed the display of apostrophes in Boss Challenges.
—Fixed an issue where the prompt to start stone production was not working in the tutorial.
—Locked Adventure Parties for players who are under level 5.
—Moved the Baby Dragon recipe in the Reliquary and the Live Dragon Egg recipe in the Alchemist’s Guild up for better visibility.

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