Build Notes 1.1.244 - July 28, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Monday content build! Today begins the next stage of World Events: Stage 2, previously known as your AvA phase. Starting at 12:00pm EDT, AvA attacks will begin, camps may be upgraded to level 20, and new Alliance Challenges are available to start acquiring items for the third stage of AvA. Alongside these changes are bugfixes and new performance improvements for the game.

This build contains Forging Bonds, Part 5: Braavos, a new series of quests and content surrounding the expansion of your activities into Braavos. Follow your path as you reach across the Narrow Sea and enmesh yourself with the Braavosi and their Iron Bank. How will you deal with those factions who have such immense wealth and power, even extending to King’s Landing?

Lastly, we have bugfixes for major and minor issues, including the evolved item crafting problems, Sworn Swords being stuck on patrol, and performance improvements to Adventure Parties and AvA.

Additional Improvements
—Added two new challenges, Evading the Iron Bank and Pirates on the Coast, as part of Stage 2 of World Events. These two challenges require items from the Braavosi adventures, and allow players to acquire new legendary items that may be used for their characters, Sworn Swords, or to unlock Stage 3 of World Events.
—Added a new Braavosi pack for the shop: The Narrow Sea! Pick up the iconic ships BLack Betha and The Valyrian for the first time, or get Salladhor Saan’s Sword and Davos’ Reading Book.
—Acquire the items of the Magnar of Thenn in a new shop deal!
—The Instruments of Death pack has been added as a full pack, allowing you to pick up some of the most iconic weapons of HBO’s Game of Thrones.
—Fixed an exploit where multiple bonuses could be applied to an item in production.
—Performance improvements to looking up Alliances to join.
—Improved performance and returned the order to your inventory, including Sworn Swords.
—Fixed an issue where Alliances that hit the 500 member limit wouldn’t allow members to contribute.
—Added scrollbars to shop mystery packs.
—Multiple performance improvements for Adventure Parties.
—Multiple performance improvements for AvA.
—Fixed an issue where evolution recipes wouldn’t accept nonstandard items (items with affixes or changed names).
—Fixed quest tags causing Enemies Everywhere and Seeking a Loan to not fire.
—Fixed Sworn Swords stuck on patrol not being able to be recalled.
—Added additional error handling for PtP patrols.
—Added an additional first-time gold promo for new players.
—Moved Braavosi adventures to the Forging Bonds adventure tab (where they were initially designed to go).
—And more performance fixes for the live game!

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