Build Notes 1.1.245 - August 4, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to your Monday content build! Today’s build includes Chapter 6 of Forging Bonds: Inside Help! Follow along as your son tries to secure a loan from the Iron Bank, with the help of a Braavosi. AvA is also in full swing, with thousands of Alliances and hundreds of thousands of Sworn Swords battling for victory across Westeros!

This week we have a Tyrion themed item pack in the Shop: The Imp!  Equip yourself like a Lion of Lannister with a random peerless weapon, armor, or companion as well as a peerless seal.

Don’t forget to start collecting Intent Moneylenders, Braavosi Pirate Ships and spoils to unlock the World Event coming in two short weeks! As we get closer to the event, we’ll be posting additional information about the event itself, including the prizes everyone can win from completing the event.

As always, thank you for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added Part 6 of Forging Bonds, “Inside Help,” which includes 10 all new quests!
—Added The Imp item pack to the shop. Pick up new Tyrion items and try for some old favorites with this pack!
—Added the full Iron Bank Pack to the shop! Pick up a wealth of Braavosi items, including the Braavosi Sword and Dueling Bravo, for 176 gold!
—Items from the Dressed to Kill item pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop! Pick up dresses from many of your favorite Game of Thrones leading ladies!
—Fixed Evolution Recipes to properly calculate affix chances.
—Resolved issue where “Next Level Upgrade Requirements:” could show for Alliance Camps at level 20.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords become unavailable after PtP attacks.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords could be sent on actions other than AvA after a successful AvA attack, putting them in a borked state for future AvA attacks.
—Added additional precautions to prevent loss of items during resets and reincarnations.
—Fixed display of stat contributions from affixes of the same time. Items with affixes and base stats of the same type were only showing the affix value, though both were applying to combat calculations.
—Fixed lorebook showing as blank when player opens it after switching Volumes or to Challenge Invites tab.
—Fixed an issue where the “Remove from party” button in the Keep forced players to the Adventure Party screen.
—Fixed the pricing on several Sworn Swords that still had sale prices from Player Appreciation Week. Sworn Swords now show the correct gold price in the keep. Those who purchased them for the discounted price keep the Sworn Swords at the discounted price.
—Fixed instances of Iron Bank Swindle spoils showing as Barter.
—Fix for Siege Works upgrades not showing on Holdings at night on web. Now you can view your catapults by the moonlight!
—And more performance fixes for the live game!

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