Build Notes 1.1.251 - August 25, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to the start of the Iron Bank Cycle: Stage 3! This is the premiere of Stage 3 of World Events, and is split into two distinct parts:

—The opening of the event begins at 12:00pm EDT today, and requires players to donate items to unlock the World Event itself. What will you choose? Will you choose to donate your spoils, adventure loot, and Alliance Challenge loot - or hope that others open the World Event for you?
—The World Event proper begins once the event is unlocked, and lets both non-Alliance and Alliance players cooperate to complete four stages. Each stage unlocks a progressively better reward, up to a Legendary Braavosi Longship. Craft the Longship into one of three new Peerless Braavosi ships!

And it’s a gold promo week! Pick up Arya’s Water Dancing Sword with any purchase of $20 or more, and revel in its battle-y goodness and sneaky tricks.

This week’s shop features a World Event Starter Pack: A Dragonglass Dagger (20/20/20, +10% damage to Challenges and World Events) and six Seals of the Fourteen Fires (3/3/3, +3% damage to Challenges and World Events). To celebrate the end of the Iron Bank Cycle, a Featured Pack has arrived full of Braavosi items! Equip yourself and your Sworn Swords with new peerless and legendary items, seals, and boons from across the Narrow Sea.

We also have a number of improvements in this build, including being able to view more than 500 Alliance members, sorting for Adventure Parties, and more! They’re part of our continuing effort to give you small changes which make Game of Thrones Ascent a more gratifying fun experience.

Additional Improvements:
—Stage 3 of the Iron Bank World Event has begun! Read more about it here and here.
—The Voyage to Braavos pack has been added to the shop! Travel to Braavos with Arya and equip yourself or your Sworn Swords with the best Braavos has to offer.
—A new Gold Promo has begun! Grab Arya’s Water Dancing Sword for a limited time. But watch out for splinters!
—Adventure XP and drop rates have returned to normal.
—Web players may now sort Adventure Parties! Sort by Filled, Unfilled, Complete, or Ongoing. These sortings persist as long as the Adventure Party window is open. Read more on the change here. NOTE: iOS and Android players will see Adventure Party sorting in a future build.
—Alliance members may now page through more than 500 members.
—Alliances now correctly show the total membership if the member count is over 500.
—Alliances over 500 members will now show as 500+ in the Alliance Join window.
—Equipped items now are hidden from Sell Item and Equip Item dialogs. No more endless pages of greyed-out items!
—Iron Bank challenges have been extended a week, and now end on 9/1/14.
—Shop items now specify whether they are “Limited,” and will be removed at a future date, or are ‘Always Available.” Coming soon: designer clothing at closeout prices.
—Performance improvements for finding and showing friends.
—Fixed a 500 error when loading your character.

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