Build Notes 1.1.256 - September 2, 2014

Hello, Bannermen!

Welcome to a new week, and a new World Event cycle! This week we have several good fixes for you, along with the beginning of the Braavos Cycle. A write-up of the changes in Stage 1 may be found here.

We were deeply impressed by how many of our players participated in Stage 3 of the Iron Bank cycle. We will be discussing what went well, what could be improved, and what should be changed for Stage 3 of the Braavos cycle. Thank you for your feedback so far!

The Shop this week contains Water Dancing Lessons, a new pack showcasing Braavosi arms and Arya’s spirit. Going hand in hand with the end of the Iron Bank cycle and the beginning of the Braavosi cycle, equip yourself or your Sworn Swords with items like Needle, Syrio Forel’s training sword, and chase cats down castle hallways.

Improvements this week include a new way for Web players to add friends via ID, an option to choose Set Best / Set Same for our Adventure Party players who unlocked Set Best, and changes to the Large Pyre recipe.

Additional Improvements:
—Stage 1 has been changed from last cycle: Quest cooldowns are now four hours, and camp requirements have been changed significantly. Please read the blog post here for details.
—Two new packs have been added to the shop: Water Dancing Lessons, and a Dragon Egg Starter Pack! The Water Dancing Lessons contain items from Braavos and Arya’s pack, while the Dragon Egg Starter Pack contains an Offering, Incense, a peerless Black Gem, and a Dormant Dragon Egg to start your Dragon hatching! NOTE: The Offering and Incense are non-permanent, so you may use them in hatching.
—Four new Adventures have been added in Braavos, with three new rare items and a new legendary dagger to be won! View them in the Forging Bonds section of the Adventure Panel.
—Web players may now find friends by searching for that friend’s ID when clicking on Add Friends.
—Players who have unlocked the “Set Best” talent for their Adventure Parties now can choose between Set best or Set Same for their parties.
—Fixed a stat display issue where stats weren’t being displayed correctly if the seals on an item had the same bonus as that item.
—The Large Pyre recipe has been adjusted; Large Pyres now take 9 hours (down from 15 hours), and require 3 hard and 3 fine wood (up from 2 each). Silver cost has been increased from 800 to 8,000. To compensate for the reduced crafting time, the base success rate has been reduced from 18% to 13%. Success per luck is unchanged. This should result in an overall decrease of about 20% to production time. We will be watching Pyre production closely, and if needed, will adjust the recipe further.
—Fixed an issue where the Adventure Party window could pop up after viewing PtP results.
—Fixed a major performance issue when looking up Alliances to join.
—Fixed a missing sound file for the Rhllor Temple.
—Fixed an issue where special characters couldn’t be typed into Alliance chat.
—A handful of players (~40) were unable to view friends and causing server issues when accessing friends. This was due to looking up thousands upon thousands of friends. We have optimized the friend lookup and capped viewable friends to 1,000. This is a first step in improving friends performance for players.
—Fixed an issue where opening the Banner Creator, then closing it without saving the changes would cause the Banner Creator to not reopen until the client was refreshed.
—Fixed a missing upgrade image in the Smithy.

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