Build Notes 1.1.261 - September 15, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! This week we bring you Forging Bonds, Part 9: Partners in Crime! Help your son Jon track down Councillor Lorenzo’s murderer, before he becomes the next victim! Play along with all new quests, items, and more!

A new pack has found its way into the shop. “Astapor Freedom” features new items such as Grey Worm’s Helmet, Missandei’s Cloak and Grey Worm’s Sword. Join Daenerys in giving the slaves of Astapor their freedom and gain a random peerless weapon or armor, and a random peerless seal.

Over the course of last week, we saw performance issues within the game. We took steps to address these issues last week which has helped, and we continue to introduce performance improvements in today’s build. Most significantly, character data has been optimized and players should see an improvement to login performance.

While this week’s build is light, next week’s build should see some significant UI improvements. We look forward to sharing them with you this week!

And remember, a dragon is not a slave.

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Astapor Freedom pack to the shop!
  —Astapor Freedom has several new items added to the shop, including Grey Worm’s Helmet (34/0/34, +4% to Battle and Intrigue when attacking), Grey Worm’s Sword (42/0/23, +7% to Fight when attacking, +4% chance of dealing another AvA wound), and Missandei’s Cloak (0/44/24, +5% more silver in AvA barter actions).
—Water Dancing Lessons is now available as a full pack with a 30% discount!
—Individual items from The Kingsguard pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop. Look rich as a Lannister in Jamie’s armor, ride his horse, and chop off your hand to use his golden replacement!
—Added the Seals of the Viper pack to the shop! Gain the marks of the Red Viper, Dorne and Sunspear with 3 peerless and 6 legendary seals.
—Fixed an issue the app would crash on iOS8 when completing the Boss Challenge in the FTPE.
—Fixed an issue where player data was being called multiple times in a single login.
—Performance improvements when accessing character data.
—AvA performance improvements.
—Added six new Sworn Sword portraits!
—Removed Perra from the possible names (thanks GoTA Spanish players!)
—Replaced Bacon and Ale in the Prologue with rare boons. It was possible to gain many slices of bacon and kegs of ale from playing and restarting the Prologue.

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