Build Notes 1.1.264 - September 22, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! This week we bring you Forging Bonds, Part 10: The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due! Help your son earn the favor of the Iron Bank, or risk everything to blackmail the most dangerous man in Braavos! With all new quests, items, and more!

The new Blackfish item pack makes its way into the shop, featuring new items such as the Blackfish Bow and Helm! Join the Blackfish in the defense of the Southern Marches with a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random legendary or peerless seal.

Please note that the World Event will begin on 10/6 instead of 9/29. We will be introducing some great new things in the coming weeks and are preparing for that! AvA will still end on 9/29 at 12PM EDT.

Additional Improvements:
—Added 11 new quests in Forging Bonds, Part 10!
—Added The Blackfish pack to the shop!
  —The Blackfish has several new items added to the shop, including Blackfish Bow (34/0/34, +7% to Aid when attacking) and Blackfish Helm (44/24/0, 6% chance to prevent a wound on a Sworn Sword when failing an AvA defense).
—What is Dead is now available as a full pack with a 30% discount!
—Added the Prince of Dorne pack to the shop! Ride into battle like the Red Viper of Dorne with a peerless weapon, armor, and companion!
—Individual items from the Voyage to Braavos pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop. Travel like Arya with Needle, Arya’s Tunic, a Map of the Narrow Sea and more!
—Added many new Legendary, Rare and Uncommon seals to the shop!
—The Large Pyre recipe has had its base success rate increased from 13% to 15%.
—Rare Sworn Swords may now be purchased in the Keep for 15 gold, and the Keep’s Sworn Sword count has been increased to 18!
—Shop Silver Gear and Companions have been shuffled. New gear and companions are now available for silver!
—Added six new always-available companions to the shop.
—Significantly reduced the quest timers for Volume One. All quests in Volume One are affected, and our players will find that they can proceed through Volume One significantly faster than before.
—Fixed an issue when Command Points or Camp Garrison limits are reached, the Garrisoning Sworn Swords pop-up doesn’t close.
—Fixed missing images for Seal of the Sun and Spear in iOS.
—The Extravagant Torc has a new image.

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