Build Notes 1.1.266 - September 29, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to the Week of the Dragon! Today we start a week of celebrating Westeros’ favorite reptilian creatures. Mothers and Fathers of dragons, this week see your babies fly in all-new colors! Use new crafting recipes to change baby dragons into specialized colored baby dragons with Battle, Trade, or Intrigue bonuses. In the Game of Thrones, Fire is Power!

A new evolution of dragons debuts in this build; you can now craft a Baby Green Dragon, Baby Red Dragon, or Baby Tan Dragon. You can find these luck recipes in the Alchemist’s Guild! Click here to learn more about colored baby dragons!

The Braavosi Cycle World Event, “The Sealord is Dead!” will begin a week from today, October 6th, at 12pm EDT! Until then, fight the rise of the Moonsinger cult in Braavos in the latest Alliance Challenges and collect loot to unlock the World Event. A new pack has arrived in the shop, as well as the full Astapor pack, letting you purchase choice items from Season 4.

Lastly, Alliance UI improvements are almost ready, but need some last polish. They’ll be debuting soon, along with new, exciting improvements to Game of Thrones Ascent!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Dragon Egg Start Pack back into the shop! Get started on the path to hatching a Baby Dragon with everything you need for one attempt to quicken a Dormant Dragon Egg in the Alchemists’ Guild.
—Added the Season 4: Secret Stash pack to the shop!
  —Season 4 of Game of Thrones was full of iconic moments and items. Look through a secret stash of Season 4 favorites and gain a random peerless item, and a random legendary item.
—The Astapor Freedom pack is now available as a full pack with a 35% discount!
—Individual items from the Water Dancing Lessons pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop. Learn from the best with Syrio Forel’s Jerkin, Training Sword, Insignia and more!
—Adventures now grant 50% more experience for a limited time only!
—Drop rates of Weirwood, Valyrian Glyphs, Sacrifice, and Crystal Swords have been DOUBLED in Adventures for a limited time only!
—PtP actions now grant experience! PtP actions grant flat amount of XP per action. This is an initial implementation and will change over time as we review how this impacts the game and XP gain. The initiator gains a flat amount of XP per successful PtP action.
—Added the Apprentice Pyromancer recipe to the Alchemist’s Guild.
—Updated the Alchemist’s Guild to put dragon-related recipes at the top of the list.
—Extended expiration timers on Braavosi alliance challenges to match new world event schedule.

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