Build Notes - iOS Build 2.2.0

Hello, Bannermen!

Our last update featured some great gameplay improvements! We have added compatibility for the iPhone 6 & 6+, and iOS 8! You can now enjoy Game of Thrones Ascent on the newest iPhone! This update also include many bug & crash fixes. See the list below for more details!

As always, we’re committed to helping you. Please visit our forums for all of the latest information on Game of Thrones Ascent,, and if you need support, please contact us at

Thanks for playing, and we’ll see you in Westeros!

Additional Improvements:

—Added support for the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6+, as well as iOS 8!
—Fixes for many crashes & performance issues!
—Fixed display issues with the World Events progress bar.
—Fixed world event bar overlapping quests on iPad.
—Fixed a problem where the Character sheet could not be closed with the Holdings button after viewing the game center in Achievements.
—Fixed Multi-friend selector overlapping layout issue.
—Fixed an issue where temporary items in the shop that a player already owns were displayed as “Purchased”.
—Fixed truncated player names in friends list.
—Added time display to adventure action buttons on iPad.
—Added sort toggle button to Adventure Party.
—Fixed gender icon size in character creation screen.
—Added parchment background to Alliance Message of the Day.
—Fixed back button positioning on Talents and Storage pages.
—Fixed intrigue talent background from not displaying.
—Added hooded character portrait options.
—Fixed truncated text fields in the Buildings UIs.
—Adjusted character name font size to accommodate larger names on iPad.
—Isolated the AvA Camp modal out of the Alliance modal for better performance.
—Fixed buttons for Join Alliance alert after non-members press the Alliance Chat button.
—Fixed incorrect count of owned items in Building and AvA camps UIs.
—Fixed Level 20 contribution requirements from being visible when the player views a level 20 camp.
—Fixed incorrect item count displayed on items/packs available in the shop.

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