Build Notes 1.1.269 - October 7, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to a large build for your Tuesday! We have some major changes and improvements for you today.

New Alliance UI Improvements! Your Alliance MoTD UI is significantly improved, as is the layout. Check out the new ways to tag your Alliance, and bring in new players who want to play like you do! And lastly, we fixed the bug where non-Alliance members could view your MoTD.

Stage 3 improvements! Check out a guaranteed crit every twenty orders, and new weaknesses that you can take advantage of to do even more damage in the World Event, which starts today at 12pm EDT!

And plenty more bugfixes and improvements for you and your friends!

Additional Improvements:
—We have made changes to Stage 3 of World Events based on your feedback!
  —There is a new way to open up additional order slots: the World Event Weaknesses. After successfully critically hitting in Stage 3, there is a chance of opening up an additional order slot for a short period of time. During this time, your Alliance may send a Sworn Sword out on an additional order.
  —The type of order you can send out depends on the order that critically hit. For example, a critical fight order will let your Alliance members send out an additional Fight action.
  —A new bar has been added that builds up to an automatic critical hit on your next order after 20 orders.
  —The World Event tributes have been shuffled and re-ordered for this stage!
  —The World Event has been re-balanced to account for six days of effort instead of seven days of effort.
—We have made substantial UI improvements for Alliances!
  —There is a new Alliance MoTD page surfacing more information about your Alliance! Additionally, your MoTD changes themes based on your Alliance’s fealty.
  —Alliances may now set tags for their Alliance. These tags - Casual, Competitive, Role-Playing, and Newbie-Friendly - allow Alliances to differentiate themselves when players are searching for new Alliances.
  —You may now search for Alliances to join by name! When searching for an Alliance, you may now search by name as well as tags.
  —You may view an Alliance’s information before joining.
—Fixed a bug where non-Alliance members could view an Alliance’s MoTD.
—Added new World Event tributes and their recipes.
—Corrected rarity on Warden of the Southern Marches seal.
—Ended Adventure XP boost and doubled drop rates.
—Corrected descriptions on Deal of a Lifetime and Islands of Gold loot tables.
—Increased minimum World Event Order time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes.
—The Week of the Dragon has ended, along with all accompanying bonuses.

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