Build Notes 1.1.271 - October 22, 2014 (The Long Night)

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to The Long Night! Today sees the release of The Long Night expansion, bringing several new systems to Game of Thrones Ascent. Chief among them are the Tactics and Quartermaster systems, giving our Alliances and players entirely new ways to customize themselves and their allies. Allowing you to purchase tactics is the new Prestige system. Players gain their prestige by completing in-game actions - adventures, PtP attacks, AvA attacks, Alliance challenges - and can gain prestige from the Quartermaster.

If you haven’t already, we highly suggest you read our blog on the Quartermaster and Tactics systems here. They can be quite overwhelming at first; the blog will help you to understand how they work.

We have also included the new Alliance challenges and new quests related to The Long Night! Discuss what’s best for your Fosterling in our new quests, and help investigate rumors of disease and Wights north of The Wall. Continue to send your Sworn Swords out to The Gift, and prepare your holdings for winter with all-new items themed around The Night’s Watch - and what lies beyond them.

A new gold sale has begun, allowing you to pick up the famous cloak of Benjen Stark!

Phase 2 of the Long Night cycle will begin today at 12pm EDT! Is your Alliance ready?

And lastly, thank YOU for continuing to play Game of Thrones Ascent!

Additional Improvements:
—The Long Night is here!
—Added in the new Quartermaster and Tactics systems. Read more about them here!
  —The Quartermaster allows you to acquire the new Alliance prestige, as well as a chance at items and seals.
  —The Tactics allow you to equip Alliance and character bonuses that range from increased damage and better speed, to crafting more items.
—We have a new Gold Promo! Purchase $20 of gold or more and receive Benjen Stark’s Cloak. Benjen’s Cloak is one of the first items to have a bonus to Sworn Sword experience. Grab it while you can!
—A new pack celebrating famous Brandon Starks from the North has been added to the shop.
—Added in the new Alliance Challenges, The Ill and the Dying and Friends of the Night’s Watch. These new Challenges give you the opportunity to assist the Night’s Watch and go to the wall! Lucky participants might receive a Shiver Medic or a disgusting Wight’s Hand. Complete these challenges and gain items for Stage 3 of The Long Night!
—Added in 11 new quests for Forging Bonds, Part 11. See your son return home, and make an important decision for your fosterling. The cold north always needs help ...
—Added prestige as a reward to Adventures, AvA attacks, AvA defense, World Event orders, PtP attacks, PtP defense with a Sworn Sword defending, and Alliance Challenges. Daily prestige gain from these actions are capped at 2,000 prestige.
—Added 17 member and 28 Alliance tactics to the game.
—Added three new items to the Quartermaster as very rare item drops: The Book of Brothers (27/27/27, Hand), Tyrion’s Surcoat (24/24/24, Body), and The Titan’s Daughter (21/21/21, Companion).
—Fixed an issue where closed, invite-only, and friends-only Alliances showed a Join button when searching for Alliances. Alliances now show a greyed-out button if they are in a state where they cannot be joined immediately.
—Fixed an issue that was preventing some titles from being granted to players.
—Spoil conversion recipes have been added to the Alchemist’s Guild to allow you to convert spoils to The Long Night cycle!
—Increased Battle stat on Greyworm’s Insignia to 4 (was 3).
—Increased Trade stat on Tycho Nestoris’s Insignia to 4 (was 3).
—Added +1% Battle Defense to Queen Nymeria’s Insignia, and increased Battle stat to 6 (was 5).
—Reduced the maximum number of members from 500 to 100 for Braving the Green Waters, Kingsroad Ambush, Against the Wildling Horde, Tourney in the Marches, Slaver’s Bay Race, and Fire at the Arsenal. These challenges almost never hit more than 100 participants.
—Added six new Sworn Sword images to the Keep!
—Added Brynden Tully’s Insignia to replace The Blackfish’s Insignia. Player’s who currently have The Blackfish’s Insignia will be unaffected. Future shop content will now include Brynden Tully’s Insignia instead, which is Battle 3 Fight 4%.
—Added in a veteran reward for our players who have been playing for 18 months (or more!).

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