Build Notes 1.1.275 - November 3, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! Today we continue the Long Night with the release of Forging Bonds, Chapter 13: Loyalties! When a quest for ancient magic takes your fosterling among the scattered remains of Mance Rayder’s wildling army, will he learn firsthand what they were running from? New quests, new items, new adventures and more!

Bring justice to Westeros with our latest item pack, King Stannis Baratheon! Join Stannis and Melisandre with new items and seals. Grab Stannis’ Armored Surcoat, Melisandre’s Red Cloak, a Red Priestess and more at a 25% discount!

We have also squashed many bugs this week, including the wandering Sworn Sword issue that brought other Lords’ and Ladies’ Sworn Swords into your Keep after viewing AvA results, and the “Phantom Wound” but that was affecting some Sworn Sword’s stats. We have also added information about Alliance Tiers into the Message of the Day screen in Alliances. Please read the build notes for further information on all bugs squashed this week, and as always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added 11 new quests in Forging Bonds, Part 13: Loyalties!
—Added the the King Stannis Baratheon pack to the shop, with a 25% discount!
  —King Stannis Baratheon is a stubborn and unforgiving man, but he is just. Join him and his Red Priestess, Melisandre, with a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random peerless seal!
—The Brandons of House Stark pack is now available a full pack for the first time, with a 30% discount!
  —Join the fabled Brandons of House Stark with 5 peerless items, 2 peerless seals, and 2 legendary seals!
—Added the Great Kraken pack to the shop!
  —Own the Great Kraken, a longship with a bow of a grey iron kraken, and 6 peerless insignia seals of its captain, King Balon Greyjoy, with a 22% discount!
—Added a new adventure: Seek First Men’s Relics in the Haunted Forest! This level 150 Adventure has the possibility of a new, Legendary item: Remnants of Jason’s Sword (17/17/17 +1% to all attacks and defenses, +1% to SS experience)
  —Collect Remnants of Jason’s Sword and reforge them into Jason’s Reforged Sword (21/21/21, +3% to all attacks and defenses, +5% to SS experience) in the Godswood!
—There is a sale on Seal Slots this week! Save 25% on unlocking all of your Seal Slots (for Sworn Swords and items only). The fourth, fifth, and sixth Seal Slots have been reduced to seven gold for this week only!
—Added the amount of prestige you won to the rewards screens in the game. This is present for Web, and will be in Android and iOS in a future build.
—Added tier information to the Message of the Day UI in Alliances. You may now view both your AvA and your Tactic tier in your Alliance’s MoTD on the web version of the game. This functionality will be coming to Android and iOS apps soon.
—Added tactic expiration time to the tactic descriptions.
—Added expiration timers on Alliance Challenges. Don’t fear, they’re not disappearing forever! We will be updating all Alliance Challenges over the coming weeks, but in order to do so, we are expiring the current ones. With the next two week’s builds, we will introduce the new versions of these expiring challenges to the game.
—Fixed an issue where viewing incoming AvA results caused a random sworn sword to appear in your Keep. After a stern talking to, they have grudgingly returned to their lords and ladies.
—Fixed an issue where wounds would not clear off Sworn Swords in certain situations. You may need to send off your Sworn Swords on an Adventure to clear them post-build, but this should not occur in the future.
—Annoyed by Gammer Wilde and her insistence that you drink strange potions? You now have the option to say “Seriously, no thank you!” to her and remove the quest from your quest list!
—Fixed an issue where all Alliances in the Diplomacy tab of Alliances displayed as having 0 members. They now display the proper number of members.
—Fixed an issue where individually accepting favors wouldn’t actually accept them.
—Fixed an issue where some players were unable to send Ravens and Invites because of players who were inactive.
—Fixed an issue with some accounts not able to send invites to their Facebook friends.
—Fixed an issue where players could try (but fail) to click deactivate on Alliance tactics, because the button was there. It’s not there anymore unless you have permission to activate or deactivate tactics.
—Fixed an issue where the “Leader and Officers” permission for tactics wasn’t letting the Leader activate or deactivate tactics.
—Fixed an issue where some players would be able to send out Barter attacks and receive silver post-Reincarnation - even though the attacker was no longer their character.
—Fixed an issue where players could sell items from their pre-Reincarnation character post-Reincarnation and receive the silver on their new character.
—Fixed an issue where SS XP bonuses were not applying to AvA attacks.

—Changed the Tactics, and Quartermaster screens to hide the chat by default. Changed the MoTD screen to open chat by default.
—Fixed an issue where the Production Complete box was displaying the item’s total quantity instead of the produced quantity.
—Players were able to send off Sworn Swords on night adventures even if it was day, or day when it was night, through client-side manipulation. With today’s build, players may only send out Sworn Swords on those adventures if it’s actually day or night, regardless of how it is attempted. NOTE: Players should not see any changes to normal usage through Adventures or Adventure Parties.
—Fixed an issue where Garrisoned Sworn Swords could sometimes be sent on Adventures or PtP actions.
—Fixed an issue where talents providing wound timer reduction did not function properly in quests and AvA actions. You wounds will now recover faster than ever!
—Fixed an issue where the Artisan Quarters premium upgrade “Statue” did not provide its advertised discount. It now works!
—Fixed a bug where PtP actions were not awarding the proper amount of Power.
—Adventure Parties no longer return to the Adventure Party UI following view status, adding a boon, and speed up actions for a specific Sworn Sword. Instead, it returns you to the Keep.
—Fixed several issues in World Events for the upcoming event.
—The Tactic of the Clover has a new image and name (Tactic of the Red Comet). New image and name, same bonus, and your tactic will not be reset if it was running.
—Fixed images in two Long Night adventures.
—Fixed several image issues on iOS.
—Removed some names from the name filter.
—Added some names to the name filter.
—Laughed at some names in the name filter.

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