Build Notes 1.1.277 - November 10, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly build! Today we start the final week of the Long Night Cycle. The Long Night World Event begins today at 12pm EST! Plague has come to Westeros from north of the Wall! Unite with your allies and enemies alike in this game-wide event to stop the spread of pestilence and root it out at its source! Can you keep Westeros safe from the Shiver?

Join the Free Folk with our latest item pack, Wildlings! Join Mance and Tormund with new items and seals. Grab a Free Folk Raider, Wildling Spearwife, Bael the Bard’s Lute and more at a 25% discount!

As always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Wildlings! item pack to the shop!
  —Join the Free Folk with a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random legendary or better seal (40% chance of peerless).
—The Reeds of the Neck pack is now available a full pack for the first time, with a 30% discount!
  —Join the Crannogmen and assist Jojen and Meera in protecting Bran Stark with 4 peerless items, 3 legendary items, and 2 peerless seals.
—Added the Defend the Realm item pack to the shop!
  —Gain Jon Snow’s Hammer, Alliser Thorne’s Armor, and a Lost Ranger at 30% off their regular price.
—Items from the Rangers of the Watch item pack are now available for individual purchase for the first time in the shop!
—The sale on Seal Slots has ended!
—Added World Event Tribute Recipes (one each in the Sept, Godswood, and R’hllor Temple.
—Fixed an issue where Alliances full of archived members show 0 members in Join Existing tab of Alliance window.
—Extended the Expiration Timers on Alliance Challenges to give players more time to finish them before we remove them to change them up a bit.
—Fixed an issue where some players could not open their Messages UI.
—Fixed an issue where loot tables on adventures could not be viewed in Firefox.
—Fixed an issue where apostrophes in iOS notifications were not rendering correctly.
—Fixed various typos.

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