Build Notes 1.1.282 - November 24, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! Today we bring you Forging Bonds, Part 14: Shifting Alliances. With Jorgen gone, can you rescue House Oridane’s heir and make him your ally, or will the Chernoffs’ revenge conspire to keep you at war?

Today we bring back a favorite item pack: The Swords of Westeros! Some of the greatest swords in the world can be found in Westeros. Be counted amongst the greatest swordsmen in the Seven Kingdoms with a random peerless sword for 39 gold (15% discount).

We also have some changes to the early Game of Thrones experience. First off, we’re increasing everyone’s Command Points by 2! That means that instead of having a base of three Command Points, everyone will start out with five Command Points. We’re also decreasing the amount of silver needed up to upgrade your first nine buildings. These changes will help both our new players and our reincarnators with the early GoTA experience.

And lastly, our Alliance Challenges are being revamped with all-new loot!

As always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Swords of Westeros pack back into the shop at a 15% discount!
  —Guaranteed to receive a sword worth at least 45 gold.
—Added the Watchers on the Wall pack back into the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Be the Watcher on the Wall and defend the realms of men with a random peerless weapon; a random peerless armor, or unit; a random legendary item; and a random legendary seal.
—Added the Stark Harvest Feast item pack back into the shop at a 30% discount! 
  —Enjoy the hospitality of Winterfell with peerless weapons and armor, legendary companions and more
—Items from the Reeds of the Neck item pack are now available for individual purchase for the first time in the shop!
—Added 11 Quests in Forging Bonds, Part 14: Shifting Alliances!
—Alliance Challenge loot has been adjusted and changed. Please read here for more information!
—Added in two new Valyrian Cycle Alliance Challenge, which include a way to win a permanent item! 
—Increased base Command Points by 2. Your base Command Points are now set at 5, up from 3!
—Reduced the Counting House premium upgrade from 1200 silver to 1000 silver.
—Reduced base silver costs of non-premium upgrades in the Smithy, Embassy, & Market by 30%.
—Reduced base silver costs of non-premium upgrades in the Village Center, Sept, Godswood, & R’hllor Temple by 20%. 
—Reduced base silver costs of non-premium upgrades in the Holdfast, Workshop, & Treasury by 10%.
—Added in the chance to receive an affix when crafting a Fireship.
—Added recipes to the Godswood to convert Burned Wight Remains to Dragon Armor Helmet Fragment.
—Added in spoil conversion recipes to the Alchemist’s Guild from The Long Night to the Valyrian Cycle. 
—Changed the quest rewards for the Battle of the Blackwater from a Fire Archer and Wildfire to an Archer and Pure Water. This addresses a situation where players would farm that quest repeatedly to gain many Fire Archers in an hour.
—Fixed broken image in Martell Talents.

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