Build Notes 1.1.291 - December 29, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! The newest cycle, the Faith Cycle, begins today at 12pm EST. Start preparing for AvA, which starts next week! This week’s featured pack is the Faith of the Seven: Start the cycle off right with a random peerless item at a 15% discount! These seven new peerless items evoke the mystery and magic of the New Gods. Forging Bonds will continue next week with Chapter 17: False Gods.

This week is a light week, due to the holidays and the ending of the year. However, that doesn’t mean that things will be quiet! We’re putting together an awesome end of the year blog post, going over all the crazy changes the game has seen, as well as the incredible accomplishments our players have made. And don’t forget that we have some cool stuff coming next year - we can’t wait to share the plans with you!

As always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added the Faith of the Seven pack into the shop at a 15% discount!
  —Kings’ laws are one thing, and the laws of the gods another. Join the Faith and worship the Seven with a random peerless item.
—Added the First of his Name pack back into the shop!
  —Celebrate the coronation of King Tommen with 4 peerless items, 3 legendary items, and 2 seals.
—Added the full Qarth item pack into the shop for the first time at a 30% discount! 
  —Enter Qarth and see what riches are held within it’s walls with 2 peerless items, 5 legendary items, and 2 legendary seals.
—Stage 1 of the Faith Cycle has begun! With this stage comes the PtP and Adventure quests, along with four new Adventures set in your holdings.
—New items have been added to the shop.
—Various typo fixes.


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