Build Notes 1.1.289 - December 22, 2014

Hello Bannermen!

Congratulations on completing the Valyrian World Event! You all did magnificently.

Welcome to your weekly build! The World Event officially comes to an end today at 12pm EST. Following this thrilling conclusion of the Valyrian Cycle, we will be taking a weeklong break. Phase 1 of the next cycle will begin on 12/29 at 12pm EST! Enjoy a peaceful break from AvA for the holidays, Bannermen!

Today we bring you another web feature, which is the ability to purchase 10 attempts at the Quartermaster with 1 click! Now you can finally see what in all those boxes! Or at least 10 of them!

We also have some good bugfixes for you, and many new items available in the shop. A full list of changes are below.

As always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—The Swords of Westeros have re-entered the shop! With 14 swords to pick from, you can equip your Sworn Swords however you’d like. Don’t like a sword? How about Ygritte’s Spear, or The Red Viper’s Spear? Stick ‘em with the pointy end!
—Added the Knight of the Flowers item pack into the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Enter the lists at the side of Ser Loras Tyrell with a random peerless armor, and a random peerless weapon or companion.
—Added the Dragon Starter Pack back into the shop!
  —Get started on the path to hatching a Baby Dragon with everything you need for one attempt to quicken a Dragon Egg in the Alchemists’ Guild.
—Added the full Blood of my Blood item pack into the shop for the first time at a 30% discount! 
  —Swear yourself to Daenerys and become one of her Bloodriders with 4 peerless items, 3 legendary items, a legendary seal, and 3 legendary boons.
—Added the ability to purchase 10 Quartermaster attempts in 1 click on the web version of the game! This change allows you to buy ten Quartermaster pulls at once. Now you can watch that Quartermaster’s smug visage as he gives you ten drops of Prestige instead of seals or gems.
—Added in six more new items to the shop.
—Re-fixed Against the Wildling Horde Stage 2 to have the correct damage. 
—Fixed some typos in building recipes.
—Fixed an issue where players were unable to view the stats of items in packs purchased in the resulting pop-up. Now you can view the stats of what you purchased!
—Fixed an issue where claiming a title or background resulted in no arrow pointing to the NEXT button in the lorebook.
—Fixed an issue where the Save and Cancel buttons for editing Alliance’s Message of the Day were cut off.
—Added in Khal Azhak questgiver images!


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