Build Notes 1.1.295 - January 12, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! We have several new features for our web players today, including a Sell All option for items as well as a retraining option for your Sworn Swords! Stay tuned to hear when these features will make an appearing on mobile.

Forging Bonds continues this week with Chapter 18: A Test of Faith! Join your daughter Ella as she undergoes a vision quest to seek her gods, and decide whether to support or punish her for her disobedience. New quests, new items and more!

AvA continues this week! It will end in two weeks on 1/26 at 12pm EST!

As always, thanks for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in new quests and items for Forging Bonds Chapter 18, A Test of Faith!
  —Added 10 new quests!
—Added the Flayed Man pack into the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Join the Boltons of the Dreadfort and take over the North with a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random legendary or peerless seal.
—Added the Brienne’s Blue Armor pack back into the shop!
  —Gain Brienne’s Blue Armor, gifted to her by Jaime Lannister, plus 6 peerless Brienne of Tarth insignia seals.
—Added the full Faith of the Seven item pack into the shop for the first time at a 30% discount! 
  —Join the Faith and worship the Seven with 7 peerless items, and 2 legendary seals.
—Players can now sell all or a certain amount of an item on web! Read the blog about it here:
—Players can now retrain their Sworn Swords on web! Read the blog about it here:
—10 packs of Quartermaster chances now costs 45g instead of 50g! Receive a 10% discount when purchasing 10 packs at a time.
—Fixed an issue where the Command Points counter on web was not refreshing automatically. Command Points should now update without refreshes.
—Added several items to the shop rotation! Items like Dany’s Harpy Whip and other speed items have been added to the shop.
—Added the next batch of Sworn Swords to the Keep.
—Fixed an issue where the Challenge Rating on a Sworn Sword mission did not update when players unequip/equip new gear on a Sworn Sword that is currently on a challenge. 
—Addressed an issue where one Sworn Sword could be sent out on two Boss Challenges.
—Fixed an issue where nights and days weren’t the correct length some times of the day.
—Fixed the issue where there is a black bar when there is no World Event going on.
—Reworked protections to prevent the same account being logged in on two browser tabs.
—Fixed an issue where roman numerals weren’t being shown above X.
—Added the correct volume number to Tully quest “Hitting the Mark”
—Updated V1C6 bonus goal text to reflect that SS need to be rare, not rare or better.
—Several performance optimizations.
—Various text and typo fixes.

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