Build Notes 1.1.302 - February 2, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Congratulations on completing the “Full of Terrors!” World Event! Recipes to upgrade your Aegis of the Faith can be found in the Godswood. You all did magnificently!

It’s a gold promo week! The Northern Owl has come to GoTA, along with many feet of snow up here in Boston. Celebrate or lament the cold, icy conditions with the unique Northern Owl, which you can get by spending $20 or more in the shop this week!

A full list of today’s changes can be found in last week’s blog post here. Please read the blog post for a more detailed breakdown of Adventure rebalancing, Adventure Party performance improvements, new cutscenes, and new gems.

And thanks to you, our players, for continuing to support Game of Thrones Ascent!

Additional Improvements:
—The Faith cycle is over! Congratulations to our players who managed to complete the World Event and win the legendary item for all! Evolve your Aegis in the Godswood for an excellent peerless item of your choice.
—The new pack “Lost Companions” has been added to the game! New items following Gendry, Hot Pie, and Arya’s wanderings are included in the game for the first time.
—It’s a gold promo! Buy $20 or more of gold and receive a unique Northern Owl. Brave the cold north and the snowy expanse to get this unique, one-time companion.
—Volumes One to Three Adventures have been rebalanced, including a re-working of Adventure loot drops, drop chance, length, and difficulty. 
—Adventure Parties have had their performance improved.
—New cutscenes have been added when transitioning to the next volume in the Lorebook.
—New common, uncommon, and peerless red and blue gems have been added to the game! You can find the new common and uncommon gems in Adventure loot drops.
—Your existing Red Gems have been turned into Uncommon Red Gems. The bonus they provide remains the same.
—Your existing Blue Gems have been turned into Common Blue Gems. The bonus they provide remains the same.
—PtP / AvA results in the PtP window have been extended from the last 50 results to the last 300 results. This applies to both incoming and outgoing attacks.
—A new shop pop-up has been added to the web version of the game, that may alert you when changes to the shop have occurred.
—A new offer system has been added to the game. We will start rolling out gold bundle offers in the coming weeks.
—Peerless Aegis items had their bonus stats removed incorrectly; those stats are now back.

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