Build Notes 1.1.299 - January 26, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! Today sees the end of AvA and the beginning of our next World Event, “Full of Terrors!” Use this week to gain a legendary Aegis of the Faith, with a bonus to Sworn Sword experience on it. Also look out for new deals rotating through the shop, giving you the chance to purchase the crafting materials needed to upgrade this item to its more powerful Peerless forms.

AvA ends today at 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC), and results will be published within 48 hours. Congrats to all of our Alliances who have participated!

And thanks to you, our players, for continuing to support Game of Thrones Ascent!

Additional Improvements:
—Stage 3 of the Faith Cycle will begin at 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC)! Called “Full of Terrors,” this event pits you against the elements out to sow discontent throughout Westeros. Win an item up to an Aegis of the Faith, with the chance to craft three different Peerless Aegis’ - all of which have a bonus to Sworn Sword XP as one of their traits!
—The Faith Cycle of AvA will end today at 12:00pm EST (17:00 UTC). Results and rewards will be announced within 48 hours of AvA completing.
—Added The Lord of Light pack to the shop. Ignite your follower’s passion with this pack, including the all-new Thoros of Myr Armor! Featuring bonuses to PtP attacks, defenses, and speed, it’s an excellent price for your more bloodthirsty Sworn Swords.
—Items from The Seven pack are now available for individual purchase! Greet The Stranger, The Crone, The Smith, and the rest of The Seven with these items, available as individual purchases for the first time.
—Added in the Aegis of the Old Ways pack. Use this pack to get ready and craft the Peerless Aegis of the Old Ways once you triumph over the newest World Event!
—Three new tributes have been added to your buildings, letting you boost your damage during this World Event!
—The World Event challenges were incorrectly set to expire last night. We have re-enabled them for this event, and they will expire on February 2nd (meaning you may run them through February 1st).
—Removed a duplicate Loras’ Insignia seal.
—Several typo fixes in Forging Bonds quests.

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