Build Notes 1.1.307 - March 2, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! Forging Bonds continues this week with Chapter 23: Forever Lost. Return north of the Wall to discover what has become of your ward…even as his mother accuses you of his murder! New quests, new items and more!

The Hunter Phase of AvA comes to an end today at 12pm EST, so send those final attacks out now! The Mourning Phase of AvA will begin on Monday March 9th at 12pm EDT.

As always, thank you for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in new quests and items for Forging Bonds Chapter 23, Forever Lost!
  —Added 13 new quests to the game!
—Added the Daario Naharis item pack back into the shop at a 15% discount!
  —Join the Tyroshi Sellsword in defending the Mother of Dragons with a random peerless item, and a random legendary item.
—Added the Second Sons into the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Join the Second Sons and gain a random rare or better item worth at least 10 gold.
—Added the Daenerys’s Meereen Market pack into the shop at a 10% discount!
  —The Mother of Dragons currently sits on her throne in Meereen. Visit her markets and gain some of the tresures she has carried across Essos.
  —Guaranteed to get an item or seal worth at least 10 gold!
—Items from the Lost Companions item pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop.
—Added in the Elder title reward for players that have been in the game for over two years! Any player whose account is two years or older will receive this title.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords were being eaten by the game when players with no boons attempted to use boons in Adventure Parties.
—Fixed an issue where players affected by the bug above were unable to log into the game.
—Fixed an issue where Sworn Swords that were affected by the above bug couldn’t be accessed.
—Several performance improvements, especially around opening the Lorebook and playing through quests.
—Fixed an issue where some players were unable to access the lorebook.
—Fixed some stat descriptions so they are better-written and less confusing.
—Fixed an issue where notifications for our Kongregate players were not being correctly processed.
—Fixed the Slavers’ Barge to properly have 2% attack & defend to all PtP actions.
—Fixed the Boss HP for The Shadow Tower III - Lost. The quest should now be quite a bit easier to complete. 
—Updated the game to show our new Disruptor Beam logo!

Known Issues:
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the smithy, embassy, or market, players need to refresh to see the Produce 2 button.
- Alliance Message of the Day requires two line breaks for a break, and three for a blank line.
- Alliance Camp levels may not update on the Camps Overview page until the game is refreshed.
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android.
- Players should not reincarnate while being active in Alliance Challenges that they initiated.
- Clicking “Set Best” on Adventure Parties will not work unless you have an Adventure selected. Once an Adventure is selected, it will work correctly. This is because it needs an Adventure to compare itself to.
- Alliance camps are currently showing no bonus stats from camps of the same type in the region.

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