Build Notes 1.1.311 - March 23, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Welcome to your weekly content build! Forging Bonds continues this week with Chapter 26: Blood Ties. Jorgen’s fate is now in your hands. But will your decision prove a weapon in your war with Lady Chernoff, or a goad to greater violence? New quests, new items and more!

This week is a double XP from Adventures week! Be sure to take advantage of this and help your Sworn Swords prepare for the beginning of Season 5, which is only a few short weeks away! This week also sees improvements in Adventure drop rates, so send your Sworn Swords out on as many adventures as you can!

The Mourning Phase of AvA ends TODAY at 12pm EDT (16:00 UTC). Get those final orders out now! A new phase of AvA will begin on TUESDAY, March 31st at 12pm EDT (16:00 UTC) and end in two weeks, on Tuesday, April 14th at 12pm EDT (16:00 UTC).

As always, thank you for playing!

Additional Improvements:
—Added in new quests and items for Forging Bonds Chapter 26, Blood Ties!
  —Added 11 new quests to the game! We’re almost done with Forging Bonds, so get ready for Season Five!
—Added the First Inhabitants item pack into the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Join Westeros’ first inhabitants with a random peerless item and three random legendary seals.
—Added the Wildling Raiders pack into the shop at a 30% discount!
  —Raid across The Wall with a legendary weapon, armor, and companion.
—Added the Faiths of Westeros item pack to the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Gain the favor of the gods with three peerless companions.
—Items from the Queen Cersei item pack are now available for individual purchase in the shop.
—Doubled XP on adventures for this week! 
—Adventure drop rates have been improved! Visit this thread for more details.
—The AvA expiration timer incorrectly was set to 1:00pm EDT; this has been corrected to 12:00pm EDT (16:00 UTC) in this build.


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