Build Notes 1.1.319 - April 20, 2015

Hello Bannermen!


How did you all like Season 5, Episode Two?? Play through the events of ‘The House of Black and White’ in GoTA today with all-new items, quests, and other content!

To play Season 5 quests, simply click on the Volume Selector and tap on the Volume 5 (‘V’) icon. You don’t need to play the previous volumes; you can skip right ahead! Beware spoilers, though!

The Justice phase of AvA starts tomorrow at 12pm EDT! Get crafting and prepare your forces now! We will be switching phases to the Justice Phase later today, so our Alliances can preview the rewards and prepare for the start of AvA tomorrow.

Did you get to watch along with Disruptor Beam last night? If not, check out our YouTube page! And be sure to tune in to our next watchalong next Sunday at 8:45pm EDT, when you can watch Disruptor Beam staff react to the latest Game of Thrones episode and answer questions afterwards!

New Content:
—Added in new quests and items for Season Five Episode 2, The House of Black and White! These are available as Volume Five, Chapter Two.
—Added in the newest shop pack, The House of Black and White! 
  —Gain a random peerless item, a random legendary item, and a random peerless or legendary seal.
  —This pack includes items such as Jaqen’s Robes, Jaime’s Red Leathers, the Dornish Snake Box, and Voting Tokens!
—Added in the full Maid of Tarth item pack at a 20% discount!
  —Join Brienne’s quest with five peerless armors, a peerless companion, a peerless seal, a peerless weapon, and a rare weapon.
—Added the Mourning Queen pack at a 30% discount!
  —Join Cersei’s struggle with a peerless a weapon, a peerless armor, and a peerless seal.
—For the first time, items from the First Inhabitants pack are available for individual purchase in the shop!

Additional Improvements:
—Extended expiration of Crow Phase evolution recipes due to a bug on iOS preventing the recipe from working. This bug will be fixed in the next iOS build.
—Setup for the Justice Phase of AvA!
  —Added Justice Phase spoil recipes!
  —Added AvA rewards and accompanying recipes!
  —Updated ACs to require the new spoils.
—Changed the name of Daenerys’s Council Dress from last week’s featured pack to Daenerys’s Meereen Dress because there was already a dress named Daenerys’s Council Dress!
  —Players that bought this new item last week should see the name change, but no other issues. No other players should see any changes.
—Shuffled Peerless seals in the shop, for real this time.
—Added in a new cutscene for the transition between Forging Bonds and Volume Five!
—Changed the name of the Gleaming Greatsword to the Glorious Greatsword.
—Added in new names for GoTA servers! Fewer Valyria servers, which was a generic name for several servers.

Known Issues:
- Although Volume 5 appears in the Volume Selector on web, it is not appearing as a tab within the Lorebook.
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the smithy, embassy, or market, players need to refresh to see the Produce 2 button.
- Alliance Message of the Day requires two line breaks for a break, and three for a blank line.
- Alliance Camp levels may not update on the Camps Overview page until the game is refreshed.
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android.
- Players should not reincarnate while being active in Alliance Challenges that they initiated.
- Clicking “Set Best” on Adventure Parties will not work unless you have an Adventure selected. Once an Adventure is selected, it will work correctly. This is because it needs an Adventure to compare itself to.
- Alliance camps are currently showing no bonus stats from camps of the same type in the region.
- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.

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