Build Notes 1.1.320 - April 23, 2015

Hello Bannermen!

Today dawns - in Fire and Blood.

The second major expansion to the game, Fire & Blood allows players to evolve their dragons, and travel across a new interactive map while engaging with iconic tales from the show, including Daenerys’ journey from terrified young bride to the Mother of Dragons! This expansion is available TODAY on Web and iOS. Android players will see the new buildings and recipes with today’s build, but will wait see the new Tales of Ice and Fire system until a future build.

Tales of Ice and Fire! – In this all-new system, players can engage with Westeros in a whole new way - reaping epic rewards in quick-to-play Tales, assigning Sworn Swords to challenges, and completing tasks at each location. Players that succeed can earn and collect rewards immediately or rely on their Sworn Sword’s experience, gear and some luck to push onto the next challenge – or fail in the attempt! Players can compare their results with their friends on a Tales-specific leaderboard system, and compete for new, unique rewards. The first Tale, the Dragon Queen, will go live today at 9am EDT!

Next Age of DRAGONS! – Players can not only find a dragon egg and hatch it into a baby dragon but now, with the launch of Fire & Blood, players can evolve their baby dragons into young, adolescent dragons – by far the most desired companion in all of Westeros! Use the brand new Dragon Pit building to evolve uncolored, Red, Tan and Green dragons and unlock their incredible potential!

New Buildings – In addition to a new Dragon Pit, Fire & Blood adds the Great Hall to your holdings where you can trade special items earned in the Tales of Ice & Fire system, using all new recipes.

Additional details about the Fire & Blood expansion can be found in these recent blog posts and videos:

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Please note: We’ve decided to move the start of the next AvA Phase - the Justice Phase - to next Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at Noon EDT (16:00 UTC). This will give us enough time to be absolutely sure AvA kicks off without any issues.

Tales of Ice and Fire
—Tales of Ice and Fire is now live on iOS and Web! Android will be coming soon.
—Added in the new Tales system to GoTA.
—Modified World Event bar into the new Tales bar.
—Added in all-new Tales leaderboards.
—Added in all-new Tales rewards.
—Added in the first Tale of Ice and Fire, The Dragon Queen! Follow Daenerys’ journey from Pentos to the Dothraki Sea. The top three players in The Dragon Queen will receive the unique Khal or Khaleesi title, while the fourth to tenth players will receive the all-new Bloodrider title.

The Dragon Pit
—An all-new building has been added to the game! The Dragon Pit brings you new recipes, new upgrades, and new ways to hatch a Baby Dragon.
—Added in the recipes needed for a Young Dragon.
—Added in four Young Dragon variants (Uncolored, Red, Green, and Tan). You may evolve your Baby Dragons into their colored versions, or turn your uncolored dragons into colored dragons in the Alchemist’s Guild.
—Added in a new baby Dragon recipe to the Dragon Pit, letting non-reincarnators hatch their dragon eggs for the very first time!

The Great Hall
—An all-new building has been added to the game! The Great Hall lets you turn your Tales Keepsakes into valuable resources, Tales items, and regular items!
—Added in new recipes for Tales Keepsakes.
—Added in new upgrades for the Great Hall. 
—Added in the first set of items, for the Dragon Queen Tale.

Other Improvements
—Added in the legendary Dragon Figurine for all players who log in during The Dragon Queen! This figurine will be automatically given to all players, starting later this morning.
—Added in 12 random seals to the shop. These first random seals are legendary seals, and will rotate periodically.
—Fixed a null item icon for AvA Justice spoils.
—Updated the High Magistrate item’s stats.
—Updated AvA expiration dates for the phase, crafting, and other timers to reflect the new AvA Justice Phase start date of Tuesday, 4/28.
—Removed random gold weapons and armor items from the shop. These items will return in a future version of the shop. Random silver gear remains at 18 slots.
—Reverted Alliance Challenges to require Crow Phase spoils. Challenges will return to Justice Phase spoils in next week’s build.
—Added in Flawless Gems to the game! At this time, flawless gems are only given out as rewards for Tales.
—Added in Black Ash and Pure Water to the second bonus roll in Adventure Parties.
—Reduced the Pyre needed for the Baby Dragon in the Reliquary by 1.
—Reduced the Sparkling Jewel needed for the Jeweled Armor by 2.

Known Fire & Blood Issues:
- The Tales of Ice and Fire feature is not available yet on Android. It will be soon! The Great Hall and Dragon Pit, along with their recipes, are available on Android.
- The Great Hall and Dragon Pit do not appear on your holdings.
- Some players may be unable to speed up the initial build of the Dragon Pit or Great Hall.
- Evolving dragons do not retain your previous dragon’s name. This was something we worked on but were unable to get into the launch. It will be added in a future update.

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