Build Notes 1.1.333 - June 1, 2015

Hello Bannermen!


Welcome to your weekly build! Play through the events of Season 5, Episode 8: Hardhome in GoTA today with all-new items, quests, and other content!

Congratulations to our everyone who participated in the Arya and the Hound tale!! Your rewards will be delivered today! The next Tale will start next week!

The Terror Phase of AvA continues this week! It will come to an end on June 9th!

To play Season 5 quests, simply click on the Volume Selector and tap on the Volume 5 (‘V’) icon. You don’t need to play the previous volumes; you can skip right ahead! Beware spoilers, though!

New Content:
—Added 22 new quests and items for Season Five Episode 8, Hardhome! These are available as Volume Five, Chapter Eight.
  —Join Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch as they try to rescue the wildlings at Hardhome… and get much more than they bargained for! All new quests, new items and more!
—Added in the newest shop pack, Hardhome, at a 30% discount! 
  —Items featured in Season 5, Episode 8 of Game of Thrones!
  —Gain a peerless item, a legendary item, and a peerless seal.
—Added in the full Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken item pack at a 20% discount!
  —Experience Season 5, Episode 6 with four weapons, two armors, a companion, and two seals. All Peerless!
—Added the Saboteurs item pack to the shop at a 20% discount!
  —Become an expert saboteur with a peerless weapon, companion, and armor, and 3 peerless seals.

Known Issues:
- After enabling a tactic to produce two items at the smithy, embassy, or market, players need to refresh to see the Produce 2 button.
- Alliance Message of the Day requires two line breaks for a break, and three for a blank line.
- Alliance Camp levels may not update on the Camps Overview page until the game is refreshed.
- Boons are currently not available on Quests on Android.
- Players should not reincarnate while being active in Alliance Challenges that they initiated.
- Clicking “Set Best” on Adventure Parties will not work unless you have an Adventure selected. Once an Adventure is selected, it will work correctly. This is because it needs an Adventure to compare itself to.
- Alliance camps are currently showing no bonus stats from camps of the same type in the region.
- The lorebook is incorrectly displaying some volumes as complete for some players.

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