Build Notes 1.1.334 - June 8, 2015

Hello Bannermen!


Welcome to your weekly build! Play through the events of Season 5, Episode 9: The Dance of Dragons in GoTA today with all-new items, quests, and other content! Get ready for the final episode coming next week, and the end of Season Five.

This week is a player appreciation week! Celebrate with 300% Sworn Sword XP on Adventures, and 300% Character XP on PtP actions. Level up those Sworn Swords!

The Terror Phase of AvA will come to an end at 11am EDT on Tuesday, June 9th! The next phase is not not scheduled at this time - please see our recent blog post here for more information.

Our next Tale, Tyrion in Exile, will begin Wednesday, June 10th. Look for details on the rewards, buff changes, Tale changes, and other updates later today.

To play Season 5 quests, simply click on the Volume Selector and tap on the Volume 5 (‘V’) icon. You don’t need to play the previous volumes; you can skip right ahead! Beware spoilers, though!

New Content:
—Added 22 new quests and items for Season Five Episode 9, The Dance of Dragons! These are available as Volume Five, Chapter Nine.
  —The Sons of the Harpy meet their match when Drogon returns to Meereen, but in the North, a terrible sacrifice is called for. All new quests, items and more!
—Added in the newest shop pack, The Dance of Dragons, at a 30% discount! 
  —Items featured in Season 5, Episode 9 of Game of Thrones!
  —Gain a peerless item, a legendary item, and a legendary or peerless seal.
—Added in the full The Gift item pack at a 20% discount!
  —Experience Season 5, episode 7 with a Full Pack of four peerless items, two legendary items, and three peerless seals.
—Added the Daenerys’s Meereen Market item pack to the shop at a 10% discount!
  —The Mother of Dragons currently sits on her throne in Meereen. Visit her markets and gain some of the treasures she has carried across Essos.

Other Changes:
—Increased Adventure XP to 300% its normal amount. This bonus will end next Monday, at 7:00am EDT.
—Increased PtP Character XP to 300% its normal amount. Get those PtP attacks out there!
—Updated the Great Hall with new recipes for the Tyrion in Exile Tale.
—Added in new content around the fourth Tale, Tyrion in Exile.
—Updated the Tale leaderboards to show the top 500 Tales players, up from the top 100 Tales players.
—Added trade stat to the Cat of the Canals Seal. The Cat of the Canals Seal now correctly has 5 Trade.
—Fixed the images for the Edge of Terrors, Edge of Fire and Edge of Night items.
—Updated Tales buffs and debuffs. They are now much more fair for players - fewer stamina debuffs, more bonus buffs, and better distribution overall.
—Added in the new AvA bonus item for Terror Phase participants from last week, the Platemail of Terrors. The final stats on the Platemail of Terrors are 25/25/25, with a 1% bonus to all attacks, 2% bonus to AvA attack speed, and 4% bonus to SS XP (original item stats were 3% to all actions). This item will be given to all AvA players who participated in the AvA Terror Phase over the first weekend.
—Added in support for our quest content beyond HBO’s Season Five.

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