Stuck in quest? Read this to be sure!

It has come to our attention that some players believe they are stuck when it’s not the case at all.

Some chapters/quests lines are very long and can span over multiple days.

If all you have in your quest log are bonus quests, identifiable by the gift package icon, then you may have an issue, and it is time to contact support and report it as a bug in the forums.

The different types of quests are:

  • Bonus Quest: These are quests that are refreshed often and can run concurrent to your storyline quests.
  • Sworn Sword Quest: These are quests that require you to send out your Sworn Sword.
  • Decision Quests: These are quests that require you to make a decision.
  • Boss Challenge Quests: These are long quests where you will make a large difference in the game world.

All four quest icons are attached to this article.



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