What can Alliance leaders do? How do I administer my Alliance within Game of Thrones Ascent?

As part of Game of Thrones Ascent, there are multiple tools that Alliance leaders may use to help manage their alliance.

  • As of 6/13/13, the maximum number of alliance members that may be seen in the Members sections is 500. If your Alliance has more than 500 members, only the first 500 will be shown. However, the members will still be part of your Alliance.
  • An Alliance's name or description may be changed at any time by the Alliance leader by going to the Alliance window, and changing the Alliance name or description.
    • Alliance names must be unique - as of build 1.1.126, each name may only be held by one Alliance at a time.
  • An alliance may be set to four states by having the Alliance leader click on the Alliance Settings button on the Alliance panel. These states may be changed at any time.
    • Open - Any player may join.
    • Restricted - Only those with friends in the alliance may join.
    • Invitation Only - Only those players with an invitation from the Alliance leader may join.
    • Closed - The Alliance is closed to new members.
  • Alliance leaders may demote themselves and place another member as leader in their place.
    • Alliance leaders may not leave an Alliance unless they have demoted themselves or are the last member of an Alliance.
    • NOTE: If your leader has gone inactive and cannot replace him or herself, please contact Customer Support.
  • When an Alliance member is under PtP attack, they may Call Banners to request help from their Alliance. This will show up in the Alliance rookery, where other Alliance members may elect to assist the member.
  • Alliance challenges may be started by members and contributed to by members.
    • NOTE: The challenges may fill up with members before you are aware of the challenges. If so, you may not be able to participate in the challenge.
  • Members may leave an Alliance at any time. In order to leave an Alliance, members must confirm they wish to leave. Please note that if you choose to leave an Alliance, you may not be able to rejoin if the Alliance is set to a state that prevents it (i.e. closed or invitation only).
    • If Alliance members have participated in an Alliance challenge, they will have a 24 hour cooldown on joining a new Alliance after leaving their previous Alliance.

We continue to look into new features and changes for our game, including additional Alliance features. As new features are added, this article will change. Please review our Patch Notes after each build to see what has changed as quickly as possible. 

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