What are Alliance Camps?

Alliance Camps are one-half of the core AvA system. Camps are a static location in a region / subregion, and provide bonuses to AvA actions in those regions. Camps also allow Alliance attacks in that region / subregion to drop spoils as rewards.

The region is the broad area where a camp is located. There are six regions: The North, The Westerlands, The Iron Islands, The Stormlands, The Crownlands, and The Reach. These six regions each have three sub-regions, with names like The Neck, Golden Tooth, and Blackwater Bay. There are a total of 18 places where you may build camps.

Each camp costs silver and resources to build. Camps range in level from Level 0 to Level 20, with the costs to upgrade increasing with each level. Starting at Level 5, camp upgrades require a number of spoils, rare items that drop from AvA actions. Camps may be built for any of the nine specializations: Fight, Aid, Harass, Bribe, Barter, Sabotage, Spy, Steal, and Swindle. Depending on the specialization, the camp’s stats will skew towards those actions.

Each camp contributes stats to your AvA actions in that subregion. These bonuses only apply to actions taken in the subregion where the camp is located. The camp will contribute base stat bonuses (Battle, Trade, and Intrigue), with the camp providing a greater bonus to the base stat of the specialization it was created with. The camp will also provide a percentage bonus to the specialization it was created with. For example, a Level 20 Fight camp provides 400 to Battle, 280 to Trade and Intrigue, and a +40% bonus to Fight actions. Camps of the same type will provide bonus base stat bonuses to camps in the same region, so three Fight camps in all three subregions of The North will boost each other with additional base stats.

Camps may be garrisoned by Sworn Swords to increase their defensive stats. Each Alliance member may garrison one Sworn Sword per camp, with the maximum size of the garrison determined by the level of the camp. These garrisoned Sworn Swords are sent out to defend against incoming attacks using an algorithm that selects the Sworn Sword with the best stats for the defense the majority of the time, and selects a random Sworn Sword a minority of the time. Sworn Swords may incur wounds if they lose a camp defense, and during periods of heavy attacks, may die from their accumulated wounds. Sworn Swords cannot be used for other actions while they are garrisoned in a camp.

AvA actions may damage, repair, contribute silver to, remove silver from, spy at, and speed up camps. Camps may be damaged up to 100%, with damage being dealt in 1% increments. Alliance members may repair damage to their camps by either contributing silver to repair the camp, or through having allied Alliances send Aid actions to the camp. Camps are invisible to other Alliances by default, and other Alliances must send Spy actions to the correct subregion to see what camp is there (if any). Spy info does not update, and Alliances will need to constantly spy on camps to see their progress and damage.

Camps provide both a static Victory Point (VP) bonus and an hourly VP bonus. A camp’s static VP bonus is unaffected by damage and is permanently added to an Alliance’s VP total. A camp’s hourly VP bonus changes based on the amount of damage sustained by the camp, with a camp at 0% damage contributing the maximum amount of VP, and a camp at 100% damage contributing the minimum amount of VP. An undamaged Level 20 camp can contribute a significant amount of VP each hour.

Camps reset at the beginning of a new phase.

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